Go Africa and Sustainability & Impact investments

So what does Go Africa do to provide direct assistance to the agricultural ecosystem?
Cooperative & Farmer reach

Topline Metrics: 
We touch over 6,000 Farmers and over 20 cooperatives in West Africa.
We have directly sponsored over 3 cooperatives

Training & Assistance 

  • We provide direct access to training and other materials for Cooperatives & Farmers
  • We provide access to crop data and metrics to improve yields
  • We promote direct payments to Farmers & cooperatives
  • On-site proactive & preventative care for all team members
  • On-site, Flexible and interactive training
  • Direct agricultural assistance with crop & yield management, best practices.
  • Micro loans & Credit financing (Team Members, Cooperatives, & Farmers).
  • Fertilizers
  • Farm equipment

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