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Welcome Ms. Anissa Boulahya to the Go Africa Executive Board!


Go Africa LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Anissa Boulahya to our Executive Board of Directors with immediate effect.  It is our good fortune to have an individual of Anissa’s caliber join us in leading Go Africa successfully into the future. We are very pleased that she has accepted our offer to join our Executive Board.

Moving forward, Go Africa LLC and Go Africa Trading will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities our Executive Board members possess. Collectively, the balance of experience and education on our Executive will serve to propel us well into the future with good momentum.


Anissa Boulahya is an African native, born in Algeria, North Africa, and hails from a family of passionate pan-Africanists.  She has lived or spent long periods in the African nations of Algeria, Niger, South Africa and Tunisia and is actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and business growth on the African continent.  She is currently building out a new initiative to help African businesses from her current base in the United Arab Emirates.


Ms Boulahya currently serves as a Corporate Director with the Clearview Group, which is a leading trading and service platform operating from Dubai, Singapore, New York, and Nairobi. She has also served in the role of Head of Business Management at First Abu Dhabi Bank, as well as, working at senior positions at the Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Agricole CIB.


Anissa holds a graduate degree in business and finance, as well as, an undergraduate degree in science, both from her studies in France, Spain and the UK.  Currently, she is business start-up advisor as well as an entrepreneur, and is a co-founder and the CEO of 2 Bees International LLC, a Sharjah Free Zone company, involved in Africa inspired design, production and commercialization, corporate gifting, events organization, and the export of furniture for west Africa based hotels.


We are happy to welcome Ms. Anissa Boulahya to our Executive Board and look forward to her valuable contribution.

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