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Monday, September 07, 2020

Go Africa LLC and Go Africa Trading LLC Overview

Go Africa LLC and Go Africa Trading LLC, endeavors to advance the global trade, production, and processing of commodities goods and services with the countries of Africa to/from global markets throughout the world while  leveraging technologies to drive innovation and efficiencies throughout the value chain.

Ghana Facility opening September 2019


To establish dynamic commodities trading portal specializing in commodities and products from Africa. While also implementing and operating commodities production facilities to ensure efficient supply and volume of produced product for the market, e-commerce activities and Go Africa LLC’s retail products (domestic, local markets and international). Initial commodities will be cashews, coffee, cacao, peanuts and teas. The initial geographic region will be West Africa (Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Nigeria) with future expansion to East Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia). These efforts provide ideal scenarios that generate employment, maximizes the use of natural resources and returns the highest profits to the hard-working farmers and plant workers in the respective countries and Go Africa LLC.



To develop a world-class commodities trading platform and commodities processing facilities in Africa that provide the most transparent, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain ecosystem that provides the highest value of African products to customers (commercial, wholesale and retail) all over the globe.


Goals and Objectives

  • implement an efficient global commodities trading portal in order to ensure demand and market for produced products.
  • construct a cashew and cacao processing facility in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire and expand to other countries within 6 to 12 months after aforementioned facilities are operational (Nigeria and Kenya)
  • install, and implement facilities with the latest turnkey equipment for processing of cashews, Cacao, Coffee, Peanuts Sesame , nuts, and teas.
  • Develop and manage an efficient, cost-effective supply chain (farm—plant—port—retail)
  • Take advantage of existing large purchase commitments from identified buyers of raw cashews, Cashew Kernels, Cacao and related products (Full container and less than full container).
  • Produce full container of processed products  (cashews, Cacao, peanuts) per day to ensure profitability, operational efficiency and other performance metrics
  • Develop, Market and deliver Private label retail products to Global Markets on behalf of the Major brands
  • Deliver current Go Africa retail products to the market via ecommerce, local and direct channels
  • Expand Go Africa products offerings to include peanuts, blended teas, etc
  • Profit Metrics: Haruna will add
  • Develop organic talent in the local market by training and educating local team members in Ghana. This will allow us to pay favorable wages to approximately 50 individuals within 3 – 6 months


To accomplish the above we collectively are pursuing the following:

  • Establishing a local presence in West Africa to expand over an evolving time frame.
    • Targeted locations with projected opening dates:
    • Ghana: Sept 2019
    • Cote d’Ivoire: Q4CY2020
    • Nigeria: Q4CY2020
    • Targeted products (Commodities: Wholesale): Cashews, Cacao, Coffee, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Teas
    • Direct and via our Go Africa Trading Platform at
  • Seeking to begin direct processing of Cashews, Coffee, Cacao (Bricks, Nibs), Coca Powder, and Peanuts in Ghana in  May 2019 to fulfill existing and future demand.

Africa Legal entities:

Ghana:  LLC (USA)

Ghana:  LLC (Ghana)

Nigeria: GOAE Trading Limited


We appreciate you interest and consideration, contact us for more information.



Dr. Dennie M. Beach