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I-Go Africa Showcases Victoria Grain® Rice Products at Kenya Investment International Conference 2023, Representing Busia County

Press Release

Nairobi, Kenya –May 30, 2023

I-Go Africa, a leading agricultural enterprise, is thrilled to announce the inclusion of its highly acclaimed Victoria Grain® Rice products in the esteemed Kenya Investment International Conference, proudly representing the products originating from Busia County. The conference, hosted by the Kenya Investment Authority, is set to take place from May 29 – 31, 2023, at the Safari Park Hotel – Nairobi, Kenya.

The Kenya Investment International Conference is a significant event that brings together prominent investors, business leaders, and policymakers from around the world. It serves as a platform for fostering investment opportunities, showcasing innovative products, and promoting economic growth in Kenya and the broader East African region.


As one of the key agricultural players in Busia County, I-Go Africa has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence, sustainable practices, and high-quality products. The inclusion of their renowned Victoria Grain Rice in the conference’s product display is a testament to the company’s dedication to promoting Busia County’s agricultural sector on a global stage.

Victoria Grain Rice®, a flagship product of I-Go Africa, is renowned for its exceptional quality, distinct aroma, and delicious taste. Cultivated in the fertile lands of Busia County, this premium rice variety has gained popularity among discerning consumers, both domestically and internationally. Its consistent quality, superior nutritional value, and sustainable farming practices have made it a preferred choice for individuals, restaurants, and food industries alike.


By featuring Victoria Grain® Rice at the Kenya Investment International Conference, I-Go Africa aims to attract potential investors, distributors, and partners interested in collaborating with Busia County’s agricultural sector. The conference provides an ideal platform to showcase the diverse range of opportunities available in the county, with Victoria Grain Rice serving as a prime example of the region’s agricultural prowess and potential.

As a socially responsible enterprise, I-Go Africa is committed to empowering local farmers, ensuring fair trade practices, and contributing to the sustainable development of Busia County. By participating in the Kenya Investment International Conference, I-Go Africa strives to forge meaningful partnerships, share its success stories, and create avenues for growth and prosperity in the region.


Visit the Kenya Investment International Conference website at https://kiico.invest.go.ke/ for more information on the event and to explore the wide array of innovative products showcased by I-Go Africa and other prominent exhibitors.

About I-Go Africa

I-Go Africa is a leading agricultural enterprise operating in Busia County, Kenya. With a focus on sustainable farming practices and the production of high-quality agricultural products, I-Go Africa strives to contribute to the economic growth and development of the region. The company’s flagship product, Victoria Grain Rice, has garnered acclaim for its superior quality, nutritional value, and ethical sourcing. Visit: https://goafricaglobal.com/i-goafrica/ for more information.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Akhaabi

+254 20-514-8160


About Victoria Grain® Rice

Victoria Grain® Rice is available in various sizes ranging from 5kg to 50kg for both wholesale and retail customers. Visit  https://wp.me/Pa94C5-3Y8    for more information.

More about Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa)

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, has been operating in the rice value chain for the last two years, pioneering rice production in Kenya by providing mechanized services, value addition services, and sourcing for markets for farmers. I-Go Africa, led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, owns a fleet of tractors and harvesters to ensure its goals are reached, and also provides management services to tractor owners to help them maximize their revenues.

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) is an affiliate of Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based firm focused on agribusiness enabled by innovative technology. Https://GoAfricaGlobal.com


For More information.

Go Africa Contact:

Dr Akhaabi

+254 20-514-8160



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