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Bringing Africa’s staple  agricultural,  commercial, consumer & commodities products to the global market.

Competitive Prices. Customer Satisfaction. Community Building.

From consumers,  brokers, e-commerce, wholesalers and global brands, our customers choose Go Africa because we produce and offer the most cost-effective processed Agri-based Consumer & Commercial goods in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry and commodities markets. Our goal is to pass market efficiencies and value on to you, our valued customer.


We’re a technologically-advanced white label and private label company disrupting the FMCG & agricultural sectors. We deal in the production of quality African agro-based products and commodities.
Our products range includes:
Cashews | Cocoa | Coffee | Maize | Nuts|  Peanuts | Soybeans |  Sugar | Teas | Barley | Sorghum | Wheat | Wheat Flour | Rice

We provide you with the best products and services under the following frameworks:

Experience the African greatness:

Every Go Africa product has a unique story steeped in the rich and ancient African heritage.

We chose Africa because we’d love you to;
Relish the winey taste of Kenya’s roasted coffee beans: their excellent density, citrus aroma, and distinctly intense but unique flavors endears them to the hearts of many all over the globe. You will become enamored with this exquisite Arabica whole bean coffee!
Savor the chocolaty taste of roasted coffee beans from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, and Nigeria. With the help of their tropical climate and geographic location, they produce more than 70% of the world’s cocoa.
Enjoy the nourishment of Nigeria’s white, yellow or red maize and experience the energy Nigerian’s feel from eating their famed corn. You will always find yourself asking for more.
Our unique range of Go Africa’s brewed teas will provide for whatever mood you desire.  We have teas that are calming, if you want to relax, or invigorating if you need to work or start your busy day.


Free Trade Zone

Our production sites are strategically located close to the products’ sources in the African regions with reduced trade restrictions. This way, we help you save big on sourcing, production, and transportation costs.

Local Government Incentives

Some local governments have granted us exemptions and credits to help us operate at a distinct cost advantage.

Speed of Operations

To save your time and serve you better, we efficiently scale production by using prebuilt warehousing facilities located close to the market. This ensures the speedy fulfillment of your orders.

Bulk Production: Reliable Anytime

Whether you want one or hundreds of thousands of units, we’re capable of producing one (1) million units per year.

Quality Standard Procedures

At Go Africa, ensuring our customers get safe products is our utmost priority, so we’ve invested heavily in our R&D and Quality Assurance teams to make sure you only get top-quality products. Our partner labs are also government-accredited facilities with state-of-the-art equipment.
All our products go through multiple testing phases before shipping.

Branding: Sustainable Packaging with Stellar Designs

We know you care a lot about the planet. We do too. And that’s why our products are packaged in portable and beautifully-designed ecofriendly doybags, so you can enjoy your merch anywhere and anytime. You can dispose of them without negatively impacting the environment.


Starting humbly as an e-commerce brand in 2014, we are a team of professionals with a combined experience of over 80 years in business and tech from the most elite business institutions on the planet.
After 4 years of thoroughly researching and brainstorming the problems consumers and retailers face, we came up with this Go Africa solution to help you:
Save cost | Get high-quality agri-based F&B products | Solve e-logistics, warehousing, and distribution problems

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