Go Africa® B2B horticulture, fruit, & nut Global Offerings (Avocados, Mangoes, & Macadamia Nuts)

Go Africa,, fully supports sustainable, agriculture, and Food Security initiatives, in concert with our customers, and partners throughout the world.

We would like to provide an overview of our horticulture, fruit, and nut, Commodity products,, ( Mangoes, Avocados, Macadamia Nuts, and other fruits, and nuts, From Kenya, Tanzania, East, and South African regions.  in Kenya and East Africa via, our subsidiary, Indigenous Go Africa, (I-Go Africa),

In concert  with I-Go Africa, we facilitate local transactions for the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries via our subsidiary Go Africa ME, DMCC for a local presence.

For European Union Countries, I-Go Africa is Global GAP certified and can work with our Go Africa Subsidiaries as applicable.

In concert with I-Go Africa, we facilitate local transactions for the Asia, and China  via our subsidiary Go Africa PTE LTD.  for a local presence.


The main varieties of mangoes we can provide are,, Apple,, Kent, and NgoweGo,   Go Africa primarily focuses on exports of  Apple Mangoes, due to their sweet flavor and “melt in your mouth” characteristics  and a texture that is free of fiber.

We can also provide Mango Pulp and Dried Mangoes per request.

Packaging: Our packing size are 4kg corrugated boxes, made from virgin kraft line. The box is of the highest level of hygiene, and free of contaminants. A box contains 7-16 mangoes

Sea Freight: By sea, mangoes are transported in 20 or 40 ft containers,, containing 2,560 or 6000 cartons, depending on the size of the container. We also offer air freight.

Traceability:  Food Safety Standards are key to our processes,, and we ensure our products can be traced back to all of our suppliers, and farms. [sPause sec=2 ePause]


For Avocados: we can supply four varieties which are:  “Jumbo” or “ Kienyeji”, Green sweet, or Fuerte, Hass, and Pinkerton.

PACKAGING:  Avocados are packed in 4kg boxes (carton), with each box holding between 12 to 26 pieces  depending on fruit size. Alternative packing is done in 10kg boxes, or in the latest packaging in plastic crates.

Macadamia nuts

Go Africa, Provides Macadamia nuts, in the following Styles that comprise whole Nuts, Half nuts,, pieces, and chips:,, Style 0,, Style 1 Large, Style 1 Small, Style 4 Large, Style 4 Small, Style 5, and Style 6

Go Africa Macadamia Nuts are packaged  (Vacuum sealed foiled), 11.34kg / 25lbs boxes [

At Go Africa, we endeavor  to improve the countries and markets through sustainability and conservation initiatives.

At Go Africa, We collaborate with our inspection, Q&A, and compliance partners,, (Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), CCCIC, Global GAP, SGS, the USA FDA, and the USDA), to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the ordering, packaging, shipping and logistics processes.[

Go Africa has launched and implemented a comprehensive food health & safety program, ensuring  its suppliers  and partner facilities are in alignment with the USA foreign supplier verification program (FSVP) rules and processes, in concert with the USA, (Food safety Preventative controls Alliance).  Thus, our customers and partners can rest with assurance that all products exported meet established health and safety protocols for all products that are exported to the USA and Global Markets.


We also offer custom and private labeling, packing and packaging options to suit your requirements. contact us for more information.

We also work to increase efficiencies by leveraging technologies such as  E-logistics, and E-bill of Lading,  to provide timeliness and transparency to our customers and stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Let us know how Go Africa can assist your with your requirements for Mangoes, Avocados,, Macadamia Nuts,, and other fruits, and nuts,, or other commodities requirements.

Email us at quotes@goAfricaTrading.com or at, info@I-GoAfrica.com  or call us at +1646-838-1330,  or, +254-205148160

Go Africa Branded Nut Products for Retail Sale

Hello welcome to Go Africa Global.  We are a USA based firm located in New York City, with subsidiaries in the UK, the E.U., the Middle East, Asia, and throughout Africa.

The major objectives of Go Africa Global are to bring African products and solutions to the world.

 We are pleased to announce the relaunch and rebranding of our legacy Go Africa Brand Cashew Products, and to introduce you to all our new Go Africa Branded Nut products. Go Africa has added Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Tiger Nuts, and Roasted Peanuts to our product offerings.

We have given our legacy product, Go Africa Brand Roasted Cashews, a new look; but we have kept the same delicious, roasted formula that has satisfied our customers, and kept this product in demand. We have also given our GO Africa Brand Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews a new look.  Although the package is new, you can expect to get the same sweet, nutty, creamy, delicious taste you have come to expect, that makes this package hard to put down once opened.

Of our nut product newcomers, we are proud to introduce to you Go Africa Brand Macadamia Nuts.  Macadamia Nuts, coveted for their rich buttery flavor, are one of the rarest snack nuts in the world.  Lucky for us, two of the top countries producing them are in Africa, and our farmers have saved a portion for us to share with you.

Go Africa Brand is also delighted to bring you Go Africa Brand Tiger Nuts.  Tiger Nuts are an ancient superfood once eaten by the ancient Egyptians.  They have recently made a resurgence, because of their delicious taste and health benefits.  We have peeled them for easy consumption.

Lastly, we present you with Go Africa Brand Roasted Peanuts.  These nuts have been roasted in a tradition, handed down by Africans for over 300 years, to help bring out their sweet nutty taste.  We have salted, and shelled them, so that you can carry them anywhere as the prefect snack.

 All Go Africa Branded products are organically produced, processed, and manufactured in Africa, from non-GMO sources, by our farmers and cooperatives, through environmentally sustainable means.

Go Africa Branded products are for retail sale online at the following websites:  GoAfricastore.com in the USA, and Amazon.com in the USA, the UK, and the EU.  Go Africa Branded products will soon be available online at Amazon.com in Asia and the Middle East as well.

Wherever you are in the world, Go Africa branded products are making their way to you.  Please visit Our websites at GoAfricaGlobal.com and GoAfricastore.com, or email us at info.GoAfricaStore.com.