Go Africa LLC Joins Newchip incubator and investment accelerator programs

To further power Go Africa LLC’s multi-dimensional growth, Go Africa LLC  are proud to announce our participation in the Newchip incubator and investment accelerator programs.

About Newchip


Since 2016, Newchip has helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise millions across the globe

100,000+ investor community

1,000+ entrepreneur community

Newchip is the “Shark Tank” for everyday Americans. We help connect investors and entrepreneurs to investment opportunities around the world. Discover startups, real-estate, ICO’s, and pre-IPO companies raising up to $50 million and invest as low as $100.


Go Africa LLC is announcing our first crowdfunding campaign on Fundable!

Individuals in the community internationally have asked us to create something whereby anyone could contribute and own a part of Go Africa LLC and our operations in Africa.  we have created something that provides everyone a chance to be a part of our success.

The offering is a convertible note which would allow individuals to earn a rate of return while also providing the option to convert to an equity stake in the future.

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Go Africa Fundable campaign