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Dr. Dennie M. Beach to serve as a Distinguished Panelist @ Africa Business Conference @ the Harvard Business School on February 14th & 15th 2020.

I am honored to attend and serve as a Distinguished Panelist @ Africa Business Conference @ the Harvard Business School on February 14th & 15th 2020.

I will serve as Distinguished Panelist on Foreign Investment & Trade Policy on the African continent Panel.


Registration for the 22nd Annual Africa Business Conference is live! Join us for the world’s largest student-run conference on Africa, taking place Feb 14-15, 2020 at the Harvard Business School. Get your ticket now at

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This year’s theme is “Africa 2020: Creating clear visions for future prosperity.” 2020 not only represents the year we are currently in, but also represents the 20/20 vision necessary to execute on our collective goals. Which brings us to the overarching question for this conference: What is our collective vision for Africa? In other words, what is the Africa we want to see in 20 years? How can we harness our capabilities and resources to make that vision a reality? What will our narrative be?

In order to fully understand our vision, we must also understand where the continent stands today relative to the future. We must be fully aware of the current challenges we are facing such as the infrastructure gap, underdeveloped capital markets, misallocation of resources, access to electricity, sustainable energy production, food insecurity, and environmental degradation. We must also understand our advantages and opportunities – a rapidly growing young population, economic integration fostered by free trade agreements, increasing popularity of our creative industries, and the penetration of digital technology in our urban and rural communities.

As in the past, we are bringing together over 1,000 people from across the African continent and diaspora: students, professionals, officials, executives, creators, thought leaders, and all inventive minds in between. This year, your input is critical.

Below are 3 questions for all attendees to think about and prepare to discuss at the conference:

  1. 20 years from now, when I think of the word “Africa”, what do I want to see? 
  2. How will I play a direct role in this vision, starting today? 
  3. After committing to this role, how will I hold myself accountable?

To help stimulate the dialogue, we are curating a set of panels and discussions encompassing the essential challenges and opportunities within our various industries. We hope each panel session will provide you with ideas on the direct role you can play in developing the narrative you see for the continent.

We believe that the Africa Business Conference will leave you with meaningful insights, takeaways, and connections that will spur you to actualize your vision for Africa’s future. We look forward to having you in Boston in February!

Kind Regards,
Chinedu Okpala and Zainab Lasisi

2020 Africa Business Conference Chairs

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