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Welcome Captain Solomon Quainoo to Go Africa Executive Board!


Go Africa LLC is pleased to announce the addition of Captain Solomon Quainoo to our Executive Board of Directors with immediate effect.  It is our good fortune to have an individual of Captain Quainoo’s caliber join us in leading Go Africa successfully into the future. We are very pleased that he has accepted our offer to join our Executive.


Moving forward, Go Africa LLC and Go Africa Trading will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities our Executive Board members possess. Collectively, the balance of experience and education on our Executive will serve to propel us well into the future with good momentum.


Captain Quainoo currently owns two new logistics companies in Ghana and is poised to extend his influence in Ghana and worldwide.  Go Africa is pleased to have him join our board as we seek to grow the business of processing and exporting from Ghana, and the wider West Africa, agricultural products such as cashews, peanuts, cocoa, coffee and other local produce.


Solomon is a Ghanaian born national and is also an airline captain flying the biggest passenger aircraft, Airbus A380 with Emirates Airlines.  Mr. Quainoo was in 2018 selected to be the captain of the first A380 flight to Ghana. This was the biggest aviation event in Africa in 2018 causing him to become a national and continental hero for Ghana and the whole of Africa.


His subsequent interview and publications in various international media, has inspired many all over the world and he is currently being asked to speak on various events around the world to inspire young and old.  He’s featured in the Ghana Civil Aviation website as a national hero.


He has worked for airlines including British Airways (IAG) and BMI as an airline pilot, and prior to that, as a design engineer for British Airways engineering and supply chain.


Captain Solomon Quainoo has managed and led various projects at British Airways including, aircraft interior re-configuration, introducing the first flat-bed seats in all long haul aircraft, and the introduction of new crew rest in Boeing 777 aircrafts.  He also helped introduce one of the modern instrument landing systems, Microwave Landing Systems (MLS) at Heathrow and Munich airports, configuring a Boeing 757 for the trials. In addition, he introduced a market management matrix for the engineering supply chain with huge cost savings to the company.


As a pilot by profession, Captain Quainoo has flown aircrafts including, Embraer 135/145; Boeing 737-300, 400, 500; Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A340-300, A340-500 and currently flying the A380-800.  He has also worked as an instructor, operating all the British Airways simulators including, A320 family, B737 family, B757/B767 family, B777 family and B747 family.  He was part of the British Airways customer first team, instructing on its mobile simulators on air shows around the United Kingdom.


Mr. Quainoo attended the University of Ghana for his undergraduate bachelor of science (BSc) majoring in Mathematics and Physics and has a masters in engineering (MEng) in aerospace engineering at Kingston University in the United Kingdom.  He was trained at Oxford Aviation for his airline pilot qualification becoming one of the best students of his course.  He has since been selected to be the face of Oxford aviation in various international aviation magazines including Flight International and was part of a select few involved in seminars designed to coach and guide aspiring pilots.


He has been involved in various mentoring programs with Reuters in the United Kingdom and is setting up a mentoring group in Ghana to inspire young black people in particular, and others in general.


We are happy to welcome Captain Solomon Quainoo to our Executive Board and look forward to his valuable contribution.


39 thoughts on “Welcome Captain Solomon Quainoo to Go Africa Executive Board!

  1. Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah says:

    Cpt Solomon Quainoo is just an amazing model of practical inspiration and fortitude. Indeed as the president of Koforidua SECTECH old students association, we congratulate you for adding this nomination to your many laurels. It serves as another booster for us all especially our continuing students in SECTECH, young people in Ghana and Africa as a whole.
    You are a true example of what Sectech stands for; academic excellence, service and discipline

    Your exemplary winning ways despite all the odds of life you faced is very commendable and worthy of emulation.

    Thank you for flying the yellow and black spirit high, mother Sectech is proud of you.

    Mmarima Mma, abusua kɛseɛ.

    Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah
    Koforidua SECTECH old students Association (Mmarima Mma)

    1. George Banin-plockey says:

      Well written, good level of information. Kudus to the capt and everyone involved here. Yes we can.

    2. Bernard OFORI-ADU says:

      Very good achievement which will serve as inspiration to both young and old.

  2. Acheampong John says:

    l am really proud of you and also thank God for that
    By your support ,Care and encouragment l am now a managing partner

  3. Yvonne Boaten says:

    This is exciting news. Solomon has certainly done not just Ghana and Africa proud, but he has become a symbol of defying all odds. He is a global inspiration to all who cannot see the end of their journey. Lesson here is that if you dream it and stay on that path against all odds, you can make what is in the mind’s eye a reality. Kudos! Kudos! Kudos!

    1. Abbie Mckorley says:

      Congratulations to Captain Solomond Ouainoo and also for make all Ghanaians proud.??

  4. William Asiedu Donkor says:

    Wow ! I’m totally blown away by his achievements. Awesome inspirational figure. I know he’ll take Go Africa LLC to heights beyond comprehension. It’s a great feeling seeing a fellow Ghanaian achieve such remarkable accomplishments. I wish him the very best as he embarks on this journey of making Go Africa LLC number one. God bless you Sir.

  5. Joana Anane says:

    Congratulations Captain Solomon, men like you are an inspiration to our generation.

  6. Asabea Sekyiamah says:

    As a Ghanaian, am so proud of you. Cpt Solomon Quainoo, congratulations.

  7. Mark Pobee says:

    I wish to congratulate you on this new monumental achievement senior!
    Proud to be Mmarima mma like you! Ayekoo.

  8. Abrafi Holloway - Acheampong says:

    Well done captain ?‍✈️.It couldn’t have happened to the best person in the world.Captain Quainoo has been my role model for years and not only is he the best pilot in the world, he is the most gentle soul with the heart of the size of the universe. Congratulations captain Q. You make Ghanaians proud. God bless you sir.

  9. Sylvester Kwofie says:

    Congratulations Captain Solomon Quainoo. I hope your story will inspire the youth of today to stay positive and focused on attaining their goals regardless of any challenges and circumstances. You’re the quintessential Ghanaian celebrity. Bravo!

  10. Frank Agyeman Duah says:

    Congratulations Nana, you have defied all odds and proved yourself that the sky is the limit. Our generation is proud of you and posterity will forever be grateful to have had a very respectable, dedicated, hardworking and God fearing person like you. All that you told me back in the days when we used to eat together and do together, both in school and at home, you have achieved and still achieving them. I’m proud of you Nana, Auntie will be proud of you looking down from heaven, Ghana is proud of you, and of course the world is proud you. You are an inspiration to many. Once again congrats !

  11. Afia Tenkorang says:

    I am soo proud of you cpt Solomon Quainoo, you have brought such honour to your country, family and friends. As a friend I couldn’t be more excited!
    This is just the beginning of greatness in your life. l hope your story will impact strongly and positively on the youth.
    Again congratulation hero!!!!!

  12. Benjamin Agyei Kwakye says:

    Brother, you have made some of us proud and surely more is yet to come from your side.

  13. Andrew Adams says:

    Nana Quainoo has been an inspiration to me since I first heard of him and finally met him on #AccraA380. His journey is so reassuring; in that, if he could fight all odds with inherent determination, that’s a vivid message that it is possible, and it is doable. My hope has been refueled by his story.

    Sending Nana my best of wishes on his new additional chapter with Go Africa LLC!

  14. Mary Elorm Adorkor says:

    Words can’t describe my excitement. Congratulations ??‍✈️Solomon Quainoo wow another milestone ? Your life journey; one with difficult memories didn’t and won’t stop you from greatness. You will forever be an inspiration to all and generations ahead..Your are truly a rear gem, Africa, Ghana and the world is indeed bless to have a humble and selfless person like you. More Grease to your elbow Sir

  15. Samuel Gracious Etsiakoh says:

    As Andrew Carnegie rightly said that “Men are developed the same way gold is mined. When gold is mined, several tons of dirt must be moved to get an ounce of gold; but one doesn’t go into the mine looking for dirt—one goes in looking for the gold.”

    And yes, I believe that your arrival is going help add to the excellence of Go Africa.

    Akwaaba Captain Solomon Quainoo!

  16. Akogyeram Ernest says:

    Congratulations champ.

  17. Kofi Dotse says:

    Congratulations Sir. Proud of you???

  18. MicSedinam says:

    Congrats Champ

  19. N Sarpong says:

    Congratulations, Cpt. Sol Quainoo.
    As you are already equipped with solid leadership skills and qualities developed through years of sound professional training, as well as exposure to a wide range of challenges in various enterprises and ventures, I believe that you have the competence and experience to excel in this new role.
    Undoubtedly, Go Africa LLC will benefit immensely from your extensive talents, visionary insights and rich resourcefulness in dealing with organisational challenges and the complexities of modern leadership. Wish you all the best.

  20. HENRY MARCUS ASAAM a.k.a Wicked Biology says:

    The man who loved the white gloves ,always dreamt to be a pilot and now flying higher and higher.Congratulations CAPITANO on your new assignment.God bless you.

  21. Kwadwo Adusei says:

    Great achievement.

  22. Samuel says:

    Congratulations Captain! Wisdom to excel in this project.

  23. Dr George Kofi Amoako says:

    Congratulations Captain Quainoo more grace from God as you soar higher and higher.

  24. Augustine Kwakye says:

    Captain Solomon Kwakye Quainoo the family is so proud of you. Nana go go high,the sky is your limit. God bless you. We love you.

  25. Mrs P Quainoo says:

    Congratulations my one and only husband, the boys and i are very proud of your hard work…
    Soar higher and higher….the sky is even not your limit..
    We love you greatly . .

  26. Augustine Kwakye. says:

    Congratulations Captain Solomon Quainoo.We are proud of you. Go go high the sky is your limit. God bless you.

  27. Emmanuel Kofi Kwakye says:

    Captain I’m very proud of you as brother. Congratulations on your addition as a member of the Executive Board of Go Africa. I’m very confident that you will make a meaningful contribution as you have always done where you find yourself. You deserve all the success that is accompanying you. You have worked so hard from your boyhood till now and you continue to work hard. May the Lord continue to increase in strength and in health, in knowledge and in wisdom. Well done bro.

  28. Michael Ologo says:

    Captain Quainoo had inspired me as a junior back at Koforidua secondary Technical school and he keeps inspiring many young people across the globe with his personal skill of perseverance . Well Done BOSS!

  29. Nana Abena Osei says:

    Congratulations Nana! Indeed, I am really proud of you and your achievements. Keep shinning dear and know that there’s more blessings coming your way. Much love to you and your precious family. Keep dreaming big!!

  30. Samuel Opoku Boateng says:

    Wow, Africa is proud of you, Capt. Quainoo for those great achievements.
    I’m highly inspired. Kudos Captain.

  31. Kwasi Dartey-Baah says:

    Nana your achievement is a testament to the thinking that indeed nothing can beat a determined soul. Well done.

  32. Vera says:

    Congrats Captain ?‍✈️… This is all the doing of God. Those that allow God to lead them soar higher than expected. We’re very proud of you and grateful to God. Much love Nana

  33. Vera says:

    Congrats Captain.. this is the doing of God. Those who allow God to lead them soar higher than expected. May God bless your humble heart. We’re all proud of you and grateful to God.

  34. Julius Nyarko says:

    Truely amazing! How the uplifting grace of God can distinguish . Great Achievement Nana.

  35. Mrs georgina Obeng says:

    Congratulations captain all the very best wishes to you. God bless you

  36. Kwaku Addae says:

    Congratulations Capt you deserve it. And the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

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