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Go Africa receives GlobalG.A.P. accreditation for EU

Nairobi, Kenya – January 02, 2022

Sustainable agriculture and Global food Security are core issues that are top of mind in today’s markets.   To this end, Indigenous Go Africa announces that it has received GlobalG.A.P  accreditation for Horticultural products inclusive of Avocados, Mangoes, fresh fruits, etc.

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, is pioneering agricultural development and exports for the broad range of Kenya agricultural commodities for the export to the global markets.

“GlobalG.A.P  certification provides unlimited opportunities for trade with the EU and other global markets” states Dr Akhaabi, Lead Director at I-Go Africa. “I-Go Africa is also open any opportunity or partnership that promotes exports in concert with global food security.

About the I-Go Africa

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) is a subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based startup focused on agribusiness enabled by cutting-edge technology.  Https://GoAfricaGlobal.com


For More information.

Go Africa Contact:

Dr Akhaabi

+254 20-514-8160



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