Sugar Brasil Ltda Partners with Go Africa Global to bring to market Sugar at related products to global markets  

Press Release:

New York, USA,  17 October 2022

São Paulo, Brazil, 17 October 2022

Addressing food security by promoting transparency and access to commodities while ensuring value addition throughout the supply chain are objectives aligned towards the mutual mission of Sugar Brasil Ltda (SGL) and Go Africa Global  (GAG).

To this end, Sugar Brasil Ltda (SGL) and Go Africa Global have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow both companies to create a strong market linkage with the supply chain and destination markets in the Africa, Asia, EU, Brazil, Middle East, United Kingdom and USA.


“We believe that food security is a critical issue and sustainable partnerships provide the mechanism to  grow and connect our supply chain with the destination markets,” said João Henrique Pinheiro CEO &Founder, of Sugar Brasil Ltda


Sugar Brasil Ltda & Go Africa Global endeavor to deliver market leading commodity trading, financing, logistic and sales solutions to customers while reducing costs, providing innovation while addressing food security  issues in the markets we serve.


Dr. Dennie M. Beach, CEO  of Go Africa Global LLC, further states that our partnership with Sugar Brasil Ltda allows us to expand the variety of products available to Global consumers at favourable prices.

About the Go Africa Global


Go Africa Global LLC, is a New York-based Firm focused on agribusiness enabled by cutting-edge technology we have subsidiaries throughout Africa, and in the EU, UK, UAE, and Singapore.





About Sugar Brasil Ltda


We are experts in imports and exports. We are dedicated to International Trade in different fields of action (Commodities, Hospital Supplies, Industrial Supplies, etc.).

Welcome Mr. Charles Kumah to the Go Africa Team!

Organizational Announcement

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr. Charles Kwame Kumah to the Go Africa Team as Director, Field operations, Go Africa LLC  (Ghana).  Kindly join us in welcoming him to the team. Mr.  Kumah will be responsible for relationship management, Field Operations, logistics management, & Commodities procurement & Sales (Ghana).

About Mr. Charles Kwame Kumah

Mr. Kumah is a Cashew Value Chain expert with training from GIZ/ComCashew Master Training Programme (MTP) and other international training programmes as well as many international Cashew Conferences including (SIATA) and ACA in Abidjan, Ivory Coast with specialty in cashew processing development and management, value chain linkages, formation and managing of farmer co operatives, procurement and supply of agro products in West Africa and cashew value chain Curriculum development.

Mr. Kumah is currently a short term expert to ComCashew/GIZ in developing a Cashew Value Chain Curriculum for HND and BTech for Universities in Ghana after his previous experience as a Short Term Expert to GSDI/GIZ where He help developed Cashew Value Chain curriculum for COTVET which is been used by Ghana Education Service. Chief Operation Officer (COO)of Edwin Kumah Commodity Africa Limited (EKCAL). He sits on the board of Association of Cashew Processors Ghana (ACPG) as well as Cashew Council Ghana (CCG) and a shadow board member of Tree Crop Development Authority (TCDA) of Ghana an authority set up by the Government of Ghana to develop six (6) crops including cashew to the level of cocoa in Ghana.

Mr. Kumah holds a Bachelor Degree in Education from University of Education, Winneba, Construction Technician Diploma from Kumasi Technical University and Advance Diploma in Business Studies from Institute of Commercial Management, UK.

Welcome Mr. Matheus A. Zanella to the Go Africa Team!

Organizational Announcement

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr. Matheus A. Zanella to the Go Africa Team as Senior Trading Manager, Brazil  Kindly join us in welcoming him to the team.  Matheus will be responsible for relationship management and securing commodities trading transactions for Brazilian commodities for global markets on the behalf Go Africa.

Mr. Matheus A. Zanella will also work in collaboration and co-operation other Go Africa teams globally to ensure supplier and customer wellness throughout ecosystem.  We look forward to Mr. Zanella and the opportunities the global markets present.

For More information Email: or

Go Africa now accepts all major cryptocurrencies

Go Africa is pleased to announce that we now accept all major Cryptocurrencies via our e-commerce platforms as a payment / Settlement option at checkout.

Visit our E-Commerce platforms:








About Go Africa Global

Mission Statement:

To develop a world-class innovative products, services and solutions in Africa and globally that provides holistic value to all our customers, partners, and stakeholders. “Envisioning the Future of Africa”

Vision Statement:

To continuously improve and add value via innovation throughout all aspects of the value chain for products, services & solutions from Africa and other regions to global markets while building a sustainable business which protects the interests of all stakeholders.

For more Information:

Visit: Https://

Contact us at: 101 Avenue of the Americas,  9th Floor, New York, 10013,  Phone +1-646-838-1330 ,fax +16468097671 Email:


About Go Africa® Fertilizer production, and sales operations

Hello, Welcome to Go Africa Global,

We are here today to provide an overview of our Fertilizer production, and sales operations, in East Africa, and West Africa.

In Kenya,, via our Kenyan Subsidiary, I-Go  Africa,, we have partnered with CFAO group, (Toyota Tusho), to bring to market fertilizers, that are crop specific based on region-specific, soils tests.

Go Africa fertilizers, are blended in Africa, for African soils and are proven to increase yields across various crops.  We believe each crop deserves the right, balanced, nutrition, to grow and sustain high levels of productivity., The fertilizers we market are determined to be the right choice for the given crop, and are designed to provide for an optimum yield.

We are currently offering fertilizers for planting and top dressing for the following crops for sale throughout East Africa.

Go Africa fertilizers, for  Cereals  crops such  as maize, horticulture, vegetables, legumes and also Go Africa fertilizers, for  sugar cane,  Potato,  coffee, rice and tea.

Go Africa also has established Fertilizer operations in Ghana and Tanzania, please contact us with your requirements and let us know how we may assist in these markets.

Visit our website at Go, or, for more information, or Email us at or at or call us at +1646-838-1330  or, +25420-5148160  and let us know how Go Africa can assist your with your requirements for Fertilizers, agricultural equipment, or other agricultural, or commodities requirements.

Welcome Mr. Lahai Leslie Lymon to the Go Africa Team!

We are honored to welcome Mr. Lahai Leslie Lymon to the Go Africa Team!

Mr. Lymon’s, role is Business Development Director, Go Africa ME  DMCC, Coverage is inclusive of the United Arab Emirates,  Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Countries, and Africa.

In this capacity, Mr. Lymon brings dedication, creditability and transparency for Go Africa and our customers in UAE and global markets.

We are looking forward to the transformation that Mr. Lymon will offer to our business in the evolving future!

About Mr. Lahai Leslie Lymon 

Mr. Lymon has over over 15 years of experience in business development and Political advisory spanning through Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia, and is fluent in French, English and conversational Arabic.

Mr. Lymon graduated with a specialty  in International Relation and Political Science from  Hult Business School / Huron University in 2005, where Mr. Lymon also studied for his Masters (M.A.) in International Relations. Mr Lymon  leverages on his vast global contacts network, geographical knowledge, cultural awareness and sensitivity, to ensure a favorable, profitable, sustainable and efficient conclusion in all his dealings.

Mr. Lymon is a British national originally from West Africa.

Mr. Lymon can be contacted via email at:

Go Africa® B2B horticulture, fruit, & nut Global Offerings (Avocados, Mangoes, & Macadamia Nuts)

Go Africa,, fully supports sustainable, agriculture, and Food Security initiatives, in concert with our customers, and partners throughout the world.

We would like to provide an overview of our horticulture, fruit, and nut, Commodity products,, ( Mangoes, Avocados, Macadamia Nuts, and other fruits, and nuts, From Kenya, Tanzania, East, and South African regions.  in Kenya and East Africa via, our subsidiary, Indigenous Go Africa, (I-Go Africa),

In concert  with I-Go Africa, we facilitate local transactions for the United Arab Emirates and GCC countries via our subsidiary Go Africa ME, DMCC for a local presence.

For European Union Countries, I-Go Africa is Global GAP certified and can work with our Go Africa Subsidiaries as applicable.

In concert with I-Go Africa, we facilitate local transactions for the Asia, and China  via our subsidiary Go Africa PTE LTD.  for a local presence.


The main varieties of mangoes we can provide are,, Apple,, Kent, and NgoweGo,   Go Africa primarily focuses on exports of  Apple Mangoes, due to their sweet flavor and “melt in your mouth” characteristics  and a texture that is free of fiber.

We can also provide Mango Pulp and Dried Mangoes per request.

Packaging: Our packing size are 4kg corrugated boxes, made from virgin kraft line. The box is of the highest level of hygiene, and free of contaminants. A box contains 7-16 mangoes

Sea Freight: By sea, mangoes are transported in 20 or 40 ft containers,, containing 2,560 or 6000 cartons, depending on the size of the container. We also offer air freight.

Traceability:  Food Safety Standards are key to our processes,, and we ensure our products can be traced back to all of our suppliers, and farms. [sPause sec=2 ePause]


For Avocados: we can supply four varieties which are:  “Jumbo” or “ Kienyeji”, Green sweet, or Fuerte, Hass, and Pinkerton.

PACKAGING:  Avocados are packed in 4kg boxes (carton), with each box holding between 12 to 26 pieces  depending on fruit size. Alternative packing is done in 10kg boxes, or in the latest packaging in plastic crates.

Macadamia nuts

Go Africa, Provides Macadamia nuts, in the following Styles that comprise whole Nuts, Half nuts,, pieces, and chips:,, Style 0,, Style 1 Large, Style 1 Small, Style 4 Large, Style 4 Small, Style 5, and Style 6

Go Africa Macadamia Nuts are packaged  (Vacuum sealed foiled), 11.34kg / 25lbs boxes [

At Go Africa, we endeavor  to improve the countries and markets through sustainability and conservation initiatives.

At Go Africa, We collaborate with our inspection, Q&A, and compliance partners,, (Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), CCCIC, Global GAP, SGS, the USA FDA, and the USDA), to ensure the highest level of quality throughout the ordering, packaging, shipping and logistics processes.[

Go Africa has launched and implemented a comprehensive food health & safety program, ensuring  its suppliers  and partner facilities are in alignment with the USA foreign supplier verification program (FSVP) rules and processes, in concert with the USA, (Food safety Preventative controls Alliance).  Thus, our customers and partners can rest with assurance that all products exported meet established health and safety protocols for all products that are exported to the USA and Global Markets.


We also offer custom and private labeling, packing and packaging options to suit your requirements. contact us for more information.

We also work to increase efficiencies by leveraging technologies such as  E-logistics, and E-bill of Lading,  to provide timeliness and transparency to our customers and stakeholders in the ecosystem.

Let us know how Go Africa can assist your with your requirements for Mangoes, Avocados,, Macadamia Nuts,, and other fruits, and nuts,, or other commodities requirements.

Email us at or at,  or call us at +1646-838-1330,  or, +254-205148160

Go Africa receives USA FDA Qualified Facility Registration & Attestation for UAE Facility Operations

United Arab Emirates – January 3, 2022

Sustainable agriculture and Global food Security are core issues that are top of mind in today’s markets.   To this end, Go Africa ME DMCC, announces that it has received USA FDA Qualified Facility Registration & Attestation for food for human consumption in the following categories:

  • Chocolate and Cocoa Products
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Fruit and Fruit Products
  • Other Fruit and Fruit Products
  • Nuts and edible seeds
  • Nuts and Nut Products
  • Edible Seed and Edible Seed Products
  • Vegetable and Vegetable Products

Go Africa ME DMCC, led by its Global & Regional Management teams, are pioneering agricultural development, processing, and exportation for the broad range of East & South African agricultural commodities for production and exportation to the USA, UAE, GCC and other global markets.

“USA FDA Qualified Facility Registration & Attestation certification provides unlimited opportunities for trade with the USA, UAE, GCC and other global markets” states Dr. Samuel Jones, Lead Director at Go Africa ME DMCC. “Go Africa ME DMCC is also open to any opportunity or partnership that promotes exports in concert with global food security.

About Go Africa ME DMCC

Go Africa ME DMCC is a subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based startup focused on agribusiness enabled by cutting-edge technology.  Https://

FSPCA – Certificate of Training Human Food Dr. Samuel Jones 3-11-2012 

For More information.

Go Africa Contact:

Dr. Samuel Jones

Phone:: +971 4 444 9460  or +1-646-838-1330

Email:  or

Go Africa ME DMCC

  • Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • DMCC Coffee Centre Plot No: S10814, Unit No: DCC-01- FD12 Jebel Ali Free Zone- South Dubai United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 444 9460

Go Africa Global AQSIQ & GACC Registrations (全球 和 註冊)

Go Africa 全球 AQSIQ 和 GACC 註冊

Go Africa Global and its entities are pleased to report that we are registered with ASQIQ and GACC

Go Africa Global (USA)  AQSIQ of Exporter registration number is: 84021000085
Go Africa Global  (USA): AQSIQ registration is 84021000085
Go Africa Trading  (USA) :GACC registration is 84021000090
Go Africa Global  (USA): AQSIQ registration for Animal Feed is 84021000085
Go Africa Global  Ltd (UK) AQSIQ registration is 82621000092
Indigenous Go Africa Limited  (Kenya): AQSIQ of Exporter registration number is: 40421000026
Go Africa Asia PTE Limited  (Singapore) : Exporter AQSIQ registration number is: 9702210018
Go Africa Global Pty LTD (South Africa) L Exporter AQSIQ Registration number. 71021000107
GACC registrations:
1 70221000204 Go Africa Asia PTE. LTD. Singapore
2 71021000107 Go Africa Global Pty LTD South Africa
3 40421000026 Indigenous Go Africa Limited Kenya
4 82621000092 Go Africa Global Ltd United Kingdom
5 84021000190 Go Africa Global LLC. United States
6 84021000089 Go Africa Trading United States
7 84021000090 Go Africa Trading LLC United States
8 84021000085 Go Africa Global United States


Go Africa Global 及其實體很高興地報告,我們已在 ASQIQ 和 GACC 註冊

Go Africa Global (USA) 出口商註冊號 AQSIQ 為:84021000085
Go Africa Global(美國):AQSIQ 註冊號為 84021000085
Go Africa Trading(美國):GACC 註冊號為 84021000090
Go Africa Global(美國):AQSIQ 動物飼料註冊號為 84021000085
Go Africa Global Ltd (UK) AQSIQ 註冊號為 82621000092
Indigenous Go Africa Limited(肯尼亞):AQSIQ 出口商註冊號為:40421000026
Go Africa Asia PTE Limited(新加坡):出口商 AQSIQ 註冊號為:9702210018
Go Africa Global Pty LTD(南非) L 出口商 AQSIQ 註冊號。 71021000107

GACC 註冊:
1 70221000204 Go Africa Asia PTE。有限公司新加坡
2 71021000107 Go Africa Global Pty LTD 南非
3 40421000026 Indigenous Go Africa Limited 肯尼亞
4 82621000092 Go Africa Global Ltd 英國
5 84021000190 Go Africa Global LLC。美國
6 84021000089 Go Africa Trading 美國
7 84021000090 Go Africa Trading LLC 美國
8 84021000085 Go Africa Global 美國
Go Africa Global jí qí shítǐ hěn gāoxìng dì bàogào, wǒmen yǐ zài ASQIQ hé GACC zhùcè

Go Africa Global (USA) chūkǒu shāng zhùcè hào AQSIQ wèi:84021000085
Go Africa Global(měiguó):AQSIQ zhùcè hào wèi 84021000085
Go Africa Trading(měiguó):GACC zhùcè hào wèi 84021000090
Go Africa Global(měiguó):AQSIQ dòngwù sìliào zhùcè hào wèi 84021000085
Go Africa Global Ltd (UK) AQSIQ zhùcè hào wèi 82621000092
Indigenous Go Africa Limited(kěnníyǎ):AQSIQ chūkǒu shāng zhùcè hào wèi:40421000026
Go Africa Asia PTE Limited(xīnjiāpō): Chūkǒu shāng AQSIQ zhùcè hào wèi:9702210018
Go Africa Global Pty LTD(nánfēi) L chūkǒu shāng AQSIQ zhùcè hào. 71021000107


GACC zhùcè:
1 70221000204 Go Africa Asia PTE. Yǒuxiàn gōngsī xīnjiāpō
2 71021000107 Go Africa Global Pty LTD nánfēi
3 40421000026 Indigenous Go Africa Limited kěnníyǎ
4 82621000092 Go Africa Global Ltd yīngguó
5 84021000190 Go Africa Global LLC. Měiguó
6 84021000089 Go Africa Trading měiguó
7 84021000090 Go Africa Trading LLC měiguó
8 84021000085 Go Africa Global měiguó