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Go Africa & Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana) Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

We are pleased to announce an extended MOU and partnership between Go Africa Global and Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana). this Collaborative partnership will allow us to bring current commodities and new and innovative products and solutions to Ghana and world Markets.

This partnership demonstrates the potential of full market collaboration for agricultural solutions for Africa and the world markets.

About Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited:

Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited was registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) as a Limited Liability Company in May, 2016, with the Registrar Generals Department as an Agro Chemical and Fertilizer Distribution Company. The company is registered under the Plants and Protection Regulatory Services Division under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture as a Fertilizer Distributor.


The company have formed strong partnerships with the global market leaders in Fertilizer and Agro Chemical operating in Ghana as the company specializes in Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals and have an extended national network serving most of the recognized participants in the industry.

Steered by a vibrant management team, the company has been well placed to attain a viable competitive advantage towards accomplishing its goals. This is supported by the appropriate organization of good business control and risk management practices.


The company have been well placed to attain a viable competitive advantage toward accomplishing its goals…



  • To be renowned as the best Agro Chemical and Fertilizer Distributor in Ghana and beyond through quality and
  • To be the leading fertilizer and agro chemical distributor in our operational areas guaranteeing value for money as measured by our partners and the society at



  • To create economic value for all our partners via quality and innovation through Agriculture
  • To be accountable partners regarding safety and environmental impact of all our operations and services
  • To operate the company on a viable financial foundation of commercial growth






The company believes that their first responsibility is to have high quality and market priced products. The company will constantly strive to reduce its costs to maintain reasonable prices. Therefore, the business will be driven by the following core values:

  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Trustworthy
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork



  • Products

With a portfolio of several Fertilizers such as NPK, Nitrogen, 15/15 and other Agro chemical products such as Glyphosate, Paraquart and Insecticides, Fungucides.


·       Retailers/Distributors

With over 12 retailers and distributors located in Northern Ghana , we are just at the door step of every farmer.


·       Suppliers

We work with a wide range of suppliers and with the best brands in the Fertilizer and Agro Chemical industry in Ghana and currently exploring strategic partnership in Europe, China amongst others.



Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited has a very energetic workforce that we like to denote to as our forte. One of our key goals is to recruit, retain and reward a high- performance personnel.Our personnel are managed and organized by a group of highly competent management team with several years of experience in the fertilizer and agro chemical industry, giving our company a high competitive edge over our competitors in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively.

Putting in place a competent system for retrieving key skills and experience to ensure that our personnel and consultants have substantial and pertinent experience regarding the job they are consigned.


Management is also committed to achieving the entire business targets been set. This is inspired by the increased commitment of the visionary leadership of the Chief Executive Officer to promote opportunities and achieving results employing the best of human and material resource in a way that ensures cost effectiveness and profitability. Strong systems and structures for accountability and management will be built to make the business highly sustainable.



  • Go Africa Global LLC
  • Go Africa LLC (Ghana)
  • Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)
  • IWAD Ghana Limited
  • Wienco Ghana Limited
  • Northern Development Authority (SADA)
  • ETG Agro
  • RMG Ghana Limited
  • Wienco Ghana Limited
  • Sidalco Lmited
  • Yara Ghana Limited
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture

4 thoughts on “Go Africa & Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana) Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

  1. I’m currently working on my business partner which I have store in the Gushegu district and Nanton District to serve as distributor which I need your organisation to partner with you to give me the products. I hope my request will be considered in your noble institution. Thank you. Yours faithfully. Abu Mohammed Bomzaa. Chief executive officer of Naani groups. 0200524230.

    1. ggadmin2020 says:

      Hello please contact the Ghana team about becoming a rep the team is copied above and information is below

      • Tamale Office: 2nd floor, Daadingbe Plaza, Target Avenue, Vittin-Tamale.
      o Office Telephone, 0372094670, Cell phone 0246150799 Email: info_ghana@goafricaglobal.com
      • Mr. Majeed Iddirisu, Lead Director Go Africa LLC (Ghana), Office Telephone, 0372094670, Cell phone 0246150799 Cell phone +233 20 337 2387 USA Office +16468381330 ext 848
      o Email: middrisu@goafricaglobal.com

  2. I need to partner with your organization to do retailing

    1. ggadmin2020 says:

      reach out to the local team at info@I-goafrica.com or call • OFFICE: +254 798 272 216, +254724421400,0788421400
      • CELL: +254 724 560 047

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