Go Africa arrives in Tamale Ghana!

Go Africa LLC (Ghana) is expanding is presence in Ghana with the opening of our office in Tamale Northern Region of Ghana. A major farming region of Ghana. Go Africa LLC (Ghana) will focus on the following lines of businesses, sales and distribution of Fertilizer, Sugar and other staple commodities and Farm Equipment (Tractors, Combine harvesters, water pumps, compressors, etc.).

Our presence in the Northern region of Ghana will enhance our existing relationships with the Cooperatives, Farmers & NGOs. This will assist in expanding our access to commodities to deliver to the global markets in a sustainable manner. We look forward to continued growth and success in Ghana.

The Go Africa LLC Tamale Ghana location is current led by the incomparable Mr. Majeed Iddrisu, (Lead Director).

Go Africa LLC (Ghana) is located at on the 2nd floor, Daadingbe Plaza, Target Avenue, Vittin-Tamale.

Office Telephone, 0372094670, Cell phone 0246150799

Email: info_ghana@goafricaglobal.com

Welcome Captain Quainoo as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC!

Captain Solomon Quainoo as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC

Go Africa ME DMCC  is pleased to announce the addition of Captain Solomon Quainoo as Director  with immediate effect.  It is our good fortune to have an individual of Captain Quainoo’s caliber join us in leading Go Africa successfully into the future.

Captain Quainoo has begun the process of transitioning from our board of advisors to a Director of Go Africa ME DMCC

Captain Quainoo would assist  in driving Commodities related business within the Middle East, JCC and beyond.

Moving forward, Go Africa ME DMCC  and Go Africa Trading will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities Captain Quainoo possess.

Captain Quainoo currently owns two new logistics companies in Ghana and is poised to extend his influence in Ghana and worldwide.  Go Africa is pleased to have him join our board as we seek to grow the business of processing and exporting from Ghana, and the wider West Africa, agricultural products such as cashews, peanuts, cocoa, coffee and other local produce.

Solomon is a Ghanaian born national and is also an airline captain flying the biggest passenger aircraft, Airbus A380 with Emirates Airlines.  Mr. Quainoo was in 2018 selected to be the captain of the first A380 flight to Ghana. This was the biggest aviation event in Africa in 2018 causing him to become a national and continental hero for Ghana and the whole of Africa.

His subsequent interview and publications in various international media, has inspired many all over the world and he is currently being asked to speak on various events around the world to inspire young and old.  He’s featured in the Ghana Civil Aviation website as a national hero.

He has worked for airlines including British Airways (IAG) and BMI as an airline pilot, and prior to that, as a design engineer for British Airways engineering and supply chain.

Captain Solomon Quainoo has managed and led various projects at British Airways including, aircraft interior re-configuration, introducing the first flat-bed seats in all long haul aircraft, and the introduction of new crew rest in Boeing 777 aircrafts.  He also helped introduce one of the modern instrument landing systems, Microwave Landing Systems (MLS) at Heathrow and Munich airports, configuring a Boeing 757 for the trials. In addition, he introduced a market management matrix for the engineering supply chain with huge cost savings to the company.

As a pilot by profession, Captain Quainoo has flown aircrafts including, Embraer 135/145; Boeing 737-300, 400, 500; Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A340-300, A340-500 and currently flying the A380-800.  He has also worked as an instructor, operating all the British Airways simulators including, A320 family, B737 family, B757/B767 family, B777 family and B747 family.  He was part of the British Airways customer first team, instructing on its mobile simulators on air shows around the United Kingdom.

Mr. Quainoo attended the University of Ghana for his undergraduate bachelor of science (BSc) majoring in Mathematics and Physics and has a masters in engineering (MEng) in aerospace engineering at Kingston University in the United Kingdom.  He was trained at Oxford Aviation for his airline pilot qualification becoming one of the best students of his course.  He has since been selected to be the face of Oxford aviation in various international aviation magazines including Flight International and was part of a select few involved in seminars designed to coach and guide aspiring pilots.

He has been involved in various mentoring programs with Reuters in the United Kingdom and is setting up a mentoring group in Ghana to inspire young black people in particular, and others in general.

Again, we are Pound to welcome Captain Solomon Quainoo as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC.

Go Africa & Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana) Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

We are pleased to announce an extended MOU and partnership between Go Africa Global and Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana). this Collaborative partnership will allow us to bring current commodities and new and innovative products and solutions to Ghana and world Markets.

This partnership demonstrates the potential of full market collaboration for agricultural solutions for Africa and the world markets.

About Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited:

Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited was registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) as a Limited Liability Company in May, 2016, with the Registrar Generals Department as an Agro Chemical and Fertilizer Distribution Company. The company is registered under the Plants and Protection Regulatory Services Division under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture as a Fertilizer Distributor.


The company have formed strong partnerships with the global market leaders in Fertilizer and Agro Chemical operating in Ghana as the company specializes in Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals and have an extended national network serving most of the recognized participants in the industry.

Steered by a vibrant management team, the company has been well placed to attain a viable competitive advantage towards accomplishing its goals. This is supported by the appropriate organization of good business control and risk management practices.


The company have been well placed to attain a viable competitive advantage toward accomplishing its goals…



  • To be renowned as the best Agro Chemical and Fertilizer Distributor in Ghana and beyond through quality and
  • To be the leading fertilizer and agro chemical distributor in our operational areas guaranteeing value for money as measured by our partners and the society at



  • To create economic value for all our partners via quality and innovation through Agriculture
  • To be accountable partners regarding safety and environmental impact of all our operations and services
  • To operate the company on a viable financial foundation of commercial growth






The company believes that their first responsibility is to have high quality and market priced products. The company will constantly strive to reduce its costs to maintain reasonable prices. Therefore, the business will be driven by the following core values:

  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Trustworthy
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork



  • Products

With a portfolio of several Fertilizers such as NPK, Nitrogen, 15/15 and other Agro chemical products such as Glyphosate, Paraquart and Insecticides, Fungucides.


·       Retailers/Distributors

With over 12 retailers and distributors located in Northern Ghana , we are just at the door step of every farmer.


·       Suppliers

We work with a wide range of suppliers and with the best brands in the Fertilizer and Agro Chemical industry in Ghana and currently exploring strategic partnership in Europe, China amongst others.



Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited has a very energetic workforce that we like to denote to as our forte. One of our key goals is to recruit, retain and reward a high- performance personnel.Our personnel are managed and organized by a group of highly competent management team with several years of experience in the fertilizer and agro chemical industry, giving our company a high competitive edge over our competitors in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively.

Putting in place a competent system for retrieving key skills and experience to ensure that our personnel and consultants have substantial and pertinent experience regarding the job they are consigned.


Management is also committed to achieving the entire business targets been set. This is inspired by the increased commitment of the visionary leadership of the Chief Executive Officer to promote opportunities and achieving results employing the best of human and material resource in a way that ensures cost effectiveness and profitability. Strong systems and structures for accountability and management will be built to make the business highly sustainable.



  • Go Africa Global LLC
  • Go Africa LLC (Ghana)
  • Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)
  • IWAD Ghana Limited
  • Wienco Ghana Limited
  • Northern Development Authority (SADA)
  • ETG Agro
  • RMG Ghana Limited
  • Wienco Ghana Limited
  • Sidalco Lmited
  • Yara Ghana Limited
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Announcing Go Africa® BuzyBee Honey “Organic Honey” from Ghana

Go Africa would like to announce that it now sells wild organic honey from Africa nationwide on Amazon in the US. Our partner, BuzyBee Honey of Ghana, under the lead of General Manager Mr. Asiome Adoboe produces a delicious full-bodied wild organic-certified, non-gmo honey from bees extracting the essence of flowers from mango, citrus, cashew and wildflower. Go Africa strives to provide the global market with some of the best finished products and commodities Africa has in the food and beverage sector.

Click the link to see for yourself. https://www.amazon.com/Go-Africa-BuzyBee-Organic-Wildflower/dp/B082GBWQCH/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=buzybee+honey&qid=1578424937&sr=8-1

Go Africa is boosting business in Ghana and beyond (Microsoft Alumni Network) article

By Brad Broberg

A seed Dennie Beach planted five years ago is about to bear fruit — or to be more accurate beans and nuts.

Dennie is the president of Go Africa LLC, which will begin processing cocoa beans, coffee beans, cashews and peanuts in a production facility in Ghana this fall.

Go Africa isn’t stopping in Ghana. The plan is to open a dozen facilities across Africa in the next five years — all part of Dennie’s effort to build an international commodities business and bring economic opportunity to the continent of his forefathers.

Although his family came to America more than 250 years ago, Dennie is 100 percent African — a fact the Microsoft alum discovered six years ago when he took a DNA test to satisfy his curiosity.

By that time Dennie was already helping better the lives of Africans here and in their home countries. He chaired the board of the African Services Committee, a nonprofit based in New York, from 2008 to 2012 before joining like-minded friends to start the nonprofit Go Africa Network and the for-profit Go Africa LLC in 2014.

Dennie and his friends took matters into their own hands because they wanted to do more than raise money, give money and share their contacts — the primary role of nonprofit board members, Dennie said.

“As a board member, you can give your advice, but they won’t necessarily act on it,” Dennie said.

“We decided to form our own nonprofit to get done what we wanted done…health and economic development.”

— Dennie Beach

What they didn’t want to do was “bail the ocean,” said Dennie, borrowing a Microsoft mantra for spreading yourself too thin in an attempt to meet every need. “That’s how we’ve been able to stay focused on economic development and health and punt other things that would be nice to do but are … a waste of our resources.”

The nonprofit Go Africa Network works to raise awareness and establish relationships to address health issues and expand trade opportunities via fairs, forums and social media and through public-private partnerships.

One example is the annual Go Africa Carnival held in Harlem, N.Y., which showcases the unique products and culture of the city’s African and Caribbean communities.

Go Africa LLC — and its affiliate Go Africa Trading — is the commercial counterpart of the Go Africa Network. This for-profit venture is not so much about the where — Africa — as it is about the why. “It’s a good business opportunity,” Dennie said.

Africa is bursting with commodities that are ripe for export — a bonanza Dennie discerned on his first trip to the continent in 2013. Go Africa began by processing coffee beans from Africa at a roastery in New York and selling them in eight-ounce bags on Amazon. Then came cashews, cocoa and peanuts.

Now those commodities will be processed in Africa and sold as retail products — either under the Go Africa brand or a private label — or supplied in bulk to wholesalers. The initial facility in Ghana will train and employ up to 60 people from the surrounding community.

“We are starting with commodities that are just everywhere,” Dennie said. “It’s not like we’re going to have a supply problem. We’re starting with something that they know.”

Dennie worked for Microsoft from 1997 to 2006 starting as a partner program manager and finishing as a global services manager, which involved coordinating sales, service and deployment of Microsoft enterprise technologies for several major accounts.

His biggest takeaway from his time there: “Being first is not necessarily being best. Just do the right thing even if you’re not successful at first.”

Doing the right thing means delivering what you promised — and even things you didn’t promise if the customer thinks you did. “That way you don’t have to run from them at the airport,” he said with a laugh.

Dennie grew up with a thing for databases and began his career as a software quality engineer for what is now Accenture. He has four college degrees: a bachelor’s in economics from Northeastern Illinois University, a master’s in technology management from New York University and a master’s in business administration and a Ph.D. in public administration from Walden University.

Life after Microsoft included stints in business development and account management at Nortel Networks, Teradata Corp., IBM and Dell EMC.

After founding Go Africa in 2014, Dennie wore two hats for four years before leaving Dell EMC to devote himself to Go Africa’s success — a leap he will never second guess regardless of the outcome.

“Why wait when you can be in control,” he said, “and if it fails, at least fail at something you really wanted to do.”

Go Africa LLC announces the opening of its new regional, corporate office in Accra Ghana

We are happy to announce the establishment of our new regional, corporate office in Accra Ghana!.

The new regional, corporate office in Accra will allow Go Africa to grow its current and new relationships in the Ghana and the West African region while also serving as a key platform for long term growth and expansion in Ghana.

Go Africa LLC (Accra Ghana, Corporate office location):

Movenpick, Presidential Floor Accra Ghana,
Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Independence Avenue, Ridge, Accra, Ghana

Go Africa & Agility Africa Partnership

Overview of Go Africa’s Location in the Agility Facility in Ghana in the GFZA


Land area of 16 Hectares

  • Being developed in phases

Once fully developed, the ALP will have a total built-up-area of 100,000 sqm

  • Warehouses, assembly and light manufacturing facilities, offices, retail units and open storage yards
  • Medical clinic

Constructed to date

  • 13,000+ sqm warehouse with 0ffice space
  • 700 sqm standalone office / retail space
  • Up to 10,000 sqm open yard space

Under Construction: Completion in 1Q2019

  • 18,000+ sqm warehouse

with office space