Update for I-Go Africa Kenya (What we do, Our Values & Mission)

Global Announcement for I-Go Africa Kenya 

Below is a brief summary of the core objectives for Go Africa in Kenya & East Africa at large:


We envision African economies that are integrated and participate competitively in global trading systems.


  • Establish strategic partnerships to promote value addition in the food production processes.
  • Promote strategic marketing partnerships between African food producers, suppliers and buyers.
  • Drive use of new and improved technologies, while building technical and human resource capacity to enhance food production and marketing processes

Update for I-Go Africa Kenya

After his studies in the United States and a 16-year long career in corporate America, Kenyan-American Mr. Hilary Akhaabi, Ph.D, decided to return to his motherland to embark on a new journey, in pursuit of his dream to achieve food security in Kenya.

He identified local talent who share the same vision and possess credentials in trade policy, as well as experience in regional and global trade. Together, they incorporated Indigenous Go Africa Limited (I-Go Africa) a Kenyan based affiliate of Go Africa LLC and began operations in 2021 specializing in rice production.

I-Go Africa’s goal is to offer a sustainable agriculture model through value addition while empowering women and youth among other marginalized groups

Go Africa receives USA FDA Qualified Facility Registration & Attestation for UAE Facility Operations

United Arab Emirates – January 3, 2022

Sustainable agriculture and Global food Security are core issues that are top of mind in today’s markets.   To this end, Go Africa ME DMCC, announces that it has received USA FDA Qualified Facility Registration & Attestation for food for human consumption in the following categories:

  • Chocolate and Cocoa Products
  • Coffee and Tea
  • Fruit and Fruit Products
  • Other Fruit and Fruit Products
  • Nuts and edible seeds
  • Nuts and Nut Products
  • Edible Seed and Edible Seed Products
  • Vegetable and Vegetable Products

Go Africa ME DMCC, led by its Global & Regional Management teams, are pioneering agricultural development, processing, and exportation for the broad range of East & South African agricultural commodities for production and exportation to the USA, UAE, GCC and other global markets.

“USA FDA Qualified Facility Registration & Attestation certification provides unlimited opportunities for trade with the USA, UAE, GCC and other global markets” states Dr. Samuel Jones, Lead Director at Go Africa ME DMCC. “Go Africa ME DMCC is also open to any opportunity or partnership that promotes exports in concert with global food security.

About Go Africa ME DMCC

Go Africa ME DMCC is a subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based startup focused on agribusiness enabled by cutting-edge technology.  Https://GoAfricaGlobal.com

FSPCA – Certificate of Training Human Food Dr. Samuel Jones 3-11-2012 

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Go Africa Contact:

Dr. Samuel Jones

Phone:: +971 4 444 9460  or +1-646-838-1330

Email: goafricaMEDMCC@Goafricaglobal.com  or info@GoAfricaGlobal.com

Go Africa ME DMCC

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