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Go Africa Branded Coffee Product for Retail Sale

Hello, welcome to Go Africa Global.  We are a U.S. based firm located in New York City with entities in the UK, the E.U., the Middle East, Asia, and throughout Africa.

The major objectives of Go Africa Global are to bring African products and solutions to the world.

We are pleased to announce the relaunch and rebranding of our legacy Go Africa Brand Coffee and introduce you to our new whole bean, ground, instant, and select origin coffees products.

Our legacy Go Africa Brand Coffee has a new look, but we have kept the same delicious dark roast formula that has satisfied the demand of our customers and made it a top seller on as well as being listed as Amazon Choice for coffee. This coffee comes as whole bean or ground for your convenience.

Our whole bean coffee newcomers are our Go Africa Brand Coffee Select Origin from Kenya and Tanzania.  These are gourmet, single origin coffees of the highest quality Arabica beans. The Kenyan origin is aromatic with notes of berry and citrus.  The Tanzanian origin is sweet and fruity with notes of cedar.  Both are delicious and will be appreciated by all coffee connoisseurs.

Go Africa Brand Coffee Select Origin Ghana Dawadawa is our new ground coffee. This Single origin coffee is infused with Ghanaian herbs and has a robust, savory taste with notes of cocoa.  It will appeal to all coffee lovers and especially to café mocha aficionados.

For our coffee drinkers on the go, our instant coffee, Go Africa Brand Coffee Gold Blend is a perfect choice.  This instant coffee is a light roast of East African Arabica beans.  It is affordable and you only need hot water to enjoy it anywhere.


All Go Africa Brand products are organically produced, processed, and manufactured in Africa from non-GMO sources by our farmers and cooperatives through environmentally sustainable means.

Go Africa Branded products are for retail sale online at the following websites: in the USA, and in the USA, the UK, and the E.U.

Go Africa Branded products will soon be available online at in Asia and the Middle East as well.

Wherever you are in the world, Go Africa brand products are making their way to you!  Visit Our websites at  and

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