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Go Africa Branded Products for Retail Sale

Go Africa Global LLC is a US  based firm located in New York City with entities in the UK, the E.U., the Middle East, Asia, and throughout Africa.

The major goal of Go Africa LLC is to bring African products to the world.  We are pleased to present our readily established and our new Go Africa branded products for retail sale in three categories, Coffee and Tea, Snack Nuts, and Cooking Ingredients.

In the category of Coffee and Tea, we have whole bean, ground, and instant coffee, select origin and blended coffees, and select origin and blended teas.

In the category of Snack Nuts, we have cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts, tiger nuts, and dark chocolate covered cashews.

In the category of cooking ingredients, we have cocoa powder, teff flour and teff grain, and macadamia nut oil.

All Go Africa brand products are organically produced,, processed, and manufactured in Africa, from non-GMO sources, by our farmers and cooperatives through environmentally sustainable means.


Go Africa branded products are for retail sale online at the following websites,


Go Africa store dot com in the USA, and Amazon dot com in the USA, the UK, and the E U.


Go Africa Brand products will soon be available online at Amazon dot com in Asia and the Middle East, as well.


Wherever you are in the world, Go Africa branded products are making their way to you!



Please Visit Our website,, at Go Africa Global dot com

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