I-Go Africa Launches Victoria Grain® Rice 1kg bags for the Kenya & East Africa consumer markets.

Nairobi, Kenya –May 06, 2023

Indigenous Go Africa has marked a significant milestone in its bid to become a leading producer of rice in Africa by launching Victoria Grain® Rice 1kg bags in Kenya and East Africa consumer markets. The brand is expected to become a household name across Africa, offering locally grown and produced rice.

Victoria Grain Rice, kgs is currently available at the following retail locations in Kenya.

  • Kibuye Matt in Kisumu
  • SAMCO Supermarket In Siaya county
  • Amalo Group in Kisumu

And will be available at the following retail locations in Kenya by 28/4/2023

  • Frankmatt in Busia (info@Frankmatt.co.ke)
  • Peshmatt in Bumala
  • Mama Watoto in Kakamega

With this launch, we expect Victoria Grain to be a staple in households across Africa with rice that is locally grown and produced.

Victoria Grain® Rice is available in various sizes ranging from 5kg to 50kg for both wholesale and retail customers. This launch into the modern retail trade market is an achievement for I-Go Africa and comes at the right time. Visit  https://wp.me/Pa94C5-3Y8    for more information.

With this launch, I-Go Africa is well on its way to achieving its goal of revolutionizing rice production in Africa while providing a locally grown and produced product that meets the needs of the East African consumer market.

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, has been operating in the rice value chain for the last two years, pioneering rice production in Kenya by providing mechanized services, value addition services, and sourcing for markets for farmers. I-Go Africa, led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, owns a fleet of tractors and harvesters to ensure its goals are reached, and also provides management services to tractor owners to help them maximize their revenues.

About the Indigenous Go Africa

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) is an affiliate of Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based firm focused on agribusiness enabled by innovative technology. Https://GoAfricaGlobal.com

For More information.

Go Africa Contact:

Dr Akhaabi

+254 20-514-8160



Introduction of Victoria Grain Brand Rice Products (I-Go Africa)

Product/Marketing  Announcement

I-Go Africa (Kenya) announces the introduction of its line of rice products for the East African Market called Victoria Grain.

Victoria Grain is the brand of rice products, distributed by Indigenous Go Africa Limited (I-GO Africa). I-GO Africa works with over 2000 farmers in over 3000 acres of rice to ensure uniformity in the production of rice from research, laboratory, seed plant, rice mill, and packaging plant. We have pioneered a hybrid method where both the farmer and Indigenous Go Africa benefit from the exclusive relationship.

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Update for I-Go Africa Kenya (What we do, Our Values & Mission)

Global Announcement for I-Go Africa Kenya 

Below is a brief summary of the core objectives for Go Africa in Kenya & East Africa at large:


We envision African economies that are integrated and participate competitively in global trading systems.


  • Establish strategic partnerships to promote value addition in the food production processes.
  • Promote strategic marketing partnerships between African food producers, suppliers and buyers.
  • Drive use of new and improved technologies, while building technical and human resource capacity to enhance food production and marketing processes

Update for I-Go Africa Kenya

After his studies in the United States and a 16-year long career in corporate America, Kenyan-American Mr. Hilary Akhaabi, Ph.D, decided to return to his motherland to embark on a new journey, in pursuit of his dream to achieve food security in Kenya.

He identified local talent who share the same vision and possess credentials in trade policy, as well as experience in regional and global trade. Together, they incorporated Indigenous Go Africa Limited (I-Go Africa) a Kenyan based affiliate of Go Africa LLC and began operations in 2021 specializing in rice production.

I-Go Africa’s goal is to offer a sustainable agriculture model through value addition while empowering women and youth among other marginalized groups

Go Africa Partners with Hello Tractor to Digitize Agricultural Production in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – October 31, 2021

Sustainable agriculture is largely driven by interconnected systems across the value chain.  To this end, Go Africa Global announces its newly formed partnership with Hello Tractor, an AgTech company that connects tractor owners to smallholder farmers in need of tractor services. Both companies have come together to leverage their synergies to put forward solutions that will digitize agricultural production in Kenya.

We are thrilled for the opportunity to form yet another strategic partnership that will bring about a boost in the productivity levels of smallholder farmers across Kenya,” said Jehiel Oliver, CEO & Founder, Hello Tractor. “We’re confident that this partnership will yield positive results within Kenya’s agricultural sector, hereby supporting the fight against hunger and enhancing global food security.”

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, is pioneering rice production in Kenya by providing mechanized services to farmers in the Bunyala Rice Scheme. I-Go Africa has entered into partnerships with Cooperative societies within the Bunyala Rice Scheme to provide mechanization services with the fleet of tractors and harvesters it owns. The aim is to set off and kick-start truly mechanized agricultural production which in turn will result in increased productivity and production of rice within the scheme. Mechanization of agricultural production is part of the larger initiative of I-Go Africa; as it intends to purchase the rice paddy and provide value addition and package rice for sale. Once completed, we anticipate increasing production 6x from current levels resulting in USD 3.0M in total sales annually.

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Welcome Mr. Fred Bunei to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Mr. Fred Bunei, Manager, Strategy, Indigenous Go Africa Limited & I-Go Capital East Africa Ltd.

About Mr. Fred Bunei:

Mr. Fred Bunei, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team that will yield positive result well into the future.

Mr. Bunei’s focus is currently within the sphere of  trade and business development in the Kenya & East Africa Region at large.

Mr. Fred Bunei, Certified CPA & Auditor, is well versed in Kenyan industry and Government business practices. Mr. Bunei embodies an institutional knowledge of Kenyan and west African ecosystem of business affairs that shall yield progressive outcomes in the evolving future.

Mr. Fred Bunei, has over 18 years’ experience in accounting, auditing and finance management in various industries including: Government, transportation, Telecommunication, construction, etc.

Welcome Hon. GBK AKHAABI to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Hon. GBK Akhaabi, as Legal Advisor for East Africa & I-Go Capital East Africa Limited (Kenya).

Hon. GBK Akhaabi is recognized as on of the top 100 legal minds in East Africa, Former Member of parliament East Africa Legislative Assembly,  Currently legal advisor to the Governor of Busia County.

About Hon. GBK AKHAABI, 

Education: LLB(Hons) University of Nairobi and Post Graduate Degree in Trade Law and Policy, (Trapca- Arusha Tz in conjunction with Lund University Sweden).

Hon GBK AKHAABI practiced criminal, property, family, commercial and constitutional law in Kenya from 1980 to 2006. During that period, also served as a member of the Council of the Law Society of Kenya. Hon GBK AKHAABI was also a member of and delegate to the committee that reviewed and drafted the Constitution of Kenya leading to the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Hon GBK AKHAABI was elected to and became a Member of the East African Legislative Assembly, the Parliament of the East African Community in which  Hon GBK AKHAABI served until 2012.

Currently, Hon GBK AKHAABI serves as legal band policy advisor to the Governor and County Government of Busia in Kenya and general consultant on law, legislation and policy drafting and human rights advocacy.