Go Africa Partners with African Dishout to increase African cuisine awareness, services offerings to Food establishments and consumers in the USA

New York, New York, United States  – November 11, 2022

Driving awareness of African Cuisines and adaption in the USA are both objectives Go Africa and African Dishout share. We endeavor via our partnership to leverage our synergies to achieve greater awareness of African Cuisines & cultures throughout the USA.

Consumers can order African Cuisine  via  African Dishout’s Mobile app. For I-OS & Android mobile app for orders and delivery.   African Dishout currently serves New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia and the Washington D.C Metro Area with future plans for Texas and California.  Visit the Apple and Google play store and download African Dishout  app today.

 visit: http://www.onelink.to/africandishout and on IOS at


Go Africa intends to assist Africa Dishout in expanding the reach and awareness of Africa Cuisines via events and promotions  such as the upcoming Go Africa Carnival 2023 which has featured African & Caribbean Food merchants for the past 7 years. For more information and to register visit: https://goafricacarnival2023.eventbrite.com

Go Africa is also open to partnering with any entity that      promotes economic development for Africa & the African Diaspora today and in the evolving future” States Dr. Dennie Beach, CEO of Go Africa.


By building a superb app and world-class operations, our goal is to be the one stop      for everything related to African food and to connect ethnic communities and cultures to the world, one delivery at a time. We want to be an access point for you to explore the African culture and the variety of our authentic cuisine.” states Jamila Zomah FOUNDER & CEO, Africa Dishout. at I-Go Africa

About Go Africa Global & Go Africa Network Inc.

Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based firm focused on Advancing agribusiness & commodities (Distribution, production, processing & trading operations) in Global Markets  (Commercial, Private Label, & Retail) to serve local and global markets cost effectively. Utilizing ‘First in Class’ processes while leveraging  cutting-edge technology.  email info@GoAfricaGlobal.com or visit https://goafricaglobal.com/

Go Africa Network Inc. (a 501(c)(3) U.S. based non-profit) endeavors to advance the awareness and soci-economic development of Africa and African diaspora populations through local and international outreach initiatives.  Email: info@GoAfricaNetwork.org websites:  Http://goafricanetwork.org  at www.GoAfricaCarnival.org and registration for the Go Africa Carnival 2022  event at https://goafricacarnival2022.eventbrite.com

About African Dishout

African Dishout is a food delivery platform providing high-quality authentic African food, empowering local independent restaurants and stores through the technology.

We select authentic restaurants and stores, paired with real food pictures, to help our users experience high-quality African food). for more information visit our website: https://www.africandishout.com


For More information.

Go Africa Contact:  Dr. Dennie M. Beach , +1-646-838-1330   info@GoafricaGlobal.com

Go Africa Network Inc. Dr. Samuel Jones, + 1-646-502-9778 info@GoCarnival.Org

African Dishout:  Contact: Paul Acheampong, email: business@dishoutdelivery.com

Website: https://www.africandishout.com

Go Africa Partners with Safaricom’s DigiFarm Platform To Offer Seamless Access For Agricultural Services In Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya – October 29,, 2022

Sustainable agriculture is largely driven by interconnected systems across the value chain.  To this end, Go Africa Global announces extended partnership with Safaricom and their DigFarm Platform, to offer extended service offerings toward increasing Agricultural production and food security. . Both companies have come together to leverage their synergies to put forward solutions that will digitize agricultural production in Kenya.

Farmers & cooperatives can leverage this integration by using the I-Go Lima Mobile app for reservations and booking of agricultural services.  The I-Go Lima App is powered by  Safaricom’s market leading M-PESA  service to maximize ease of use and flexibility for all users. Visit the Google play store and download the I-Go Lima app today.

Scan the QR code: Or visit : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igo.igoafrica

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) led by Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, is pioneering rice production in Kenya by providing mechanized services to farmers in the Bunyala Rice Scheme. I-Go Africa has entered into partnerships with Cooperative societies within the Bunyala Rice Scheme to provide mechanization services with the fleet of tractors and harvesters it owns. The aim is to set off and kick-start truly mechanized agricultural production which in turn will result in increased productivity and production of rice within the scheme. Mechanization of agricultural production is part of the larger initiative of I-Go Africa; as it intends to purchase the rice paddy and provide value addition and package rice for sale. Once completed, we anticipate increasing production 6x from current levels resulting in USD 3.0M in total sales annually.

“DigiFarm, is an instrumental partner in this initiative and we appreciate Mr. Omondi Kasidhi, of  DigiFarm Kenya LTD, for his support,” states Hilary Akhaabi, PhD, CEO at I-Go Africa. “I-Go Africa is also open to partnering with various cooperative societies today and in the evolving future for this and other partnership opportunities that may arise over time.

About the I-Go Africa

Indigenous Go Africa (I-Go Africa) is a subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC, a New York-based firm  focused on agribusiness enabled by cutting-edge technology. info@I-GoAfrica.com or visit https://goafricaglobal.com/i-goafrica/


About DigiFarm Kenya LTD

DigiFarm Kenya LTD,  DigiFarm is a FREE Safaricom service that offers farmers convenient, one-stop access to quality farm inputs at discounted prices, input loans, learning content on farming as well as access to market. Other value-add services provided through DigiFarm include insurance yield cover and extension services through remote agronomists located at the DigiFarm call center or on ground DigiFarm Village Advisors (DVA).. https://www.safaricom.co.ke/media-center-landing/frequently-asked-questions/digifarm


For More information.

Go Africa Contact:  Hilary Akhaabi, PhD

+254 20-514-8160



DigiFarm Kenya LTD Contact:

Omondi Kasidhi

Director, DigiFarm Kenya LTD

Safaricom PLC email OKASIDHI@Safaricom.co.ke

PrePay: Call 100 (Free) Or +254 722 002100 (chargeable) Email:customercare@safaricom.co.ke

PostPay: 200 (Free) Or +254 722 002200 (chargeable) Email: advantage@safaricom.co.ke

Go Africa now accepts all major cryptocurrencies

Go Africa is pleased to announce that we now accept all major Cryptocurrencies via our e-commerce platforms as a payment / Settlement option at checkout.

Visit our E-Commerce platforms:








About Go Africa Global

Mission Statement:

To develop a world-class innovative products, services and solutions in Africa and globally that provides holistic value to all our customers, partners, and stakeholders. “Envisioning the Future of Africa”

Vision Statement:

To continuously improve and add value via innovation throughout all aspects of the value chain for products, services & solutions from Africa and other regions to global markets while building a sustainable business which protects the interests of all stakeholders.

For more Information:

Visit: Https://GoAfricaGlobal.com

Contact us at: 101 Avenue of the Americas,  9th Floor, New York, 10013,  Phone +1-646-838-1330 ,fax +16468097671 Email: info@GoAfricaGlobal.com


Go Africa Global Joins Stanford Seed and the Aspire Business Growth Program

Nairobi, Kenya – March 8, 2022

Go Africa Global endeavors to stay on the cutting edge of technology in the food commodities sales arena internationally.  To that end, our company co-founder and chairman, Dr. Samuel Jones, has seized the opportunity to participate in the African Management Institute’s incubator program, the Aspire Business Growth Program, sponsored by Stanford Seed of the Stanford Graduate School of Business. This Incubator is developed exclusively for Africa’s ambitious business owners and their senior leadership team.  It equips leaders with the core skills, tools, and strategies to grow their businesses, lead teams, and diversify revenue streams.  We are happy for this new development.

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