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Welcome Mr. Fred Bunei to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Mr. Fred Bunei, Manager, Strategy, Indigenous Go Africa Limited & I-Go Capital East Africa Ltd.

About Mr. Fred Bunei:

Mr. Fred Bunei, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team that will yield positive result well into the future.

Mr. Bunei’s focus is currently within the sphere of  trade and business development in the Kenya & East Africa Region at large.

Mr. Fred Bunei, Certified CPA & Auditor, is well versed in Kenyan industry and Government business practices. Mr. Bunei embodies an institutional knowledge of Kenyan and west African ecosystem of business affairs that shall yield progressive outcomes in the evolving future.

Mr. Fred Bunei, has over 18 years’ experience in accounting, auditing and finance management in various industries including: Government, transportation, Telecommunication, construction, etc.

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