Go Africa arrives in Tamale Ghana!

Go Africa LLC (Ghana) is expanding is presence in Ghana with the opening of our office in Tamale Northern Region of Ghana. A major farming region of Ghana. Go Africa LLC (Ghana) will focus on the following lines of businesses, sales and distribution of Fertilizer, Sugar and other staple commodities and Farm Equipment (Tractors, Combine harvesters, water pumps, compressors, etc.).

Our presence in the Northern region of Ghana will enhance our existing relationships with the Cooperatives, Farmers & NGOs. This will assist in expanding our access to commodities to deliver to the global markets in a sustainable manner. We look forward to continued growth and success in Ghana.

The Go Africa LLC Tamale Ghana location is current led by the incomparable Mr. Majeed Iddrisu, (Lead Director).

Go Africa LLC (Ghana) is located at on the 2nd floor, Daadingbe Plaza, Target Avenue, Vittin-Tamale.

Office Telephone, 0372094670, Cell phone 0246150799

Email: info_ghana@goafricaglobal.com

Welcome Mr. Musa Coronery to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome MR.MUSA CORONERY, Lead Director & Co Founder, Go Global Company Limited (Tanzania).


MR.MUSA CORONERY, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team that will yield positive result well into the future.

Mr. Coronery’s focus is trade and business development in the East Africa Region.

MR.MUSA CORONERY, Graduated at the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy. He has MBA (Finance) from the same University and is a Certified Public Accountant in Public Practice.

MR.MUSA CORONERY, has over 15 years’ experience in accounting, auditing and finance management in various industries including: transportation, Telecommunication, construction, etc.

Welcome Hon. GBK AKHAABI to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Hon. GBK Akhaabi, as Legal Advisor for East Africa & I-Go Capital East Africa Limited (Kenya).

Hon. GBK Akhaabi is recognized as on of the top 100 legal minds in East Africa, Former Member of parliament East Africa Legislative Assembly,  Currently legal advisor to the Governor of Busia County.

About Hon. GBK AKHAABI, 

Education: LLB(Hons) University of Nairobi and Post Graduate Degree in Trade Law and Policy, (Trapca- Arusha Tz in conjunction with Lund University Sweden).

Hon GBK AKHAABI practiced criminal, property, family, commercial and constitutional law in Kenya from 1980 to 2006. During that period, also served as a member of the Council of the Law Society of Kenya. Hon GBK AKHAABI was also a member of and delegate to the committee that reviewed and drafted the Constitution of Kenya leading to the promulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

Hon GBK AKHAABI was elected to and became a Member of the East African Legislative Assembly, the Parliament of the East African Community in which  Hon GBK AKHAABI served until 2012.

Currently, Hon GBK AKHAABI serves as legal band policy advisor to the Governor and County Government of Busia in Kenya and general consultant on law, legislation and policy drafting and human rights advocacy.

Welcome Ms. Anissa Boulahya as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC!

Go Africa ME DMCC  is pleased to announce the addition of Ms. Anissa Boulahya as Director  with immediate effect.  It is our good fortune to have an individual of Ms. Anissa Boulahya’s caliber join us in leading Go Africa successfully into the future.  Moving forward, Go Africa ME DMCC LLC and Go Africa Trading will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities Ms. Boulahya possess. Anissa Boulahya is an African native, born in Algeria, North Africa, and hails from a family of passionate pan-Africanists.  She has lived or spent long periods in the African nations of Algeria, Niger, South Africa and Tunisia and is actively involved in promoting entrepreneurship and business growth on the African continent.  She is currently building out a new initiative to help African businesses from her current base in the United Arab Emirates. Ms Boulahya currently serves as a Corporate Director with the Clearview Group, which is a leading trading and service platform operating from Dubai, Singapore, New York, and Nairobi. She has also served in the role of Head of Business Management at First Abu Dhabi Bank, as well as, working at senior positions at the Royal Bank of Scotland and Credit Agricole CIB.

Anissa holds a graduate degree in business and finance, as well as, an undergraduate degree in science, both from her studies in France, Spain and the UK.  Currently, she is business start-up advisor as well as an entrepreneur, and is a co-founder and the CEO of 2 Bees International LLC, a Sharjah Free Zone company, involved in Africa inspired design, production and commercialization, corporate gifting, events organization, and the export of furniture for west Africa based hotels. We are happy to welcome Ms. Anissa Boulahya to Go Africa ME DMCC  and look forward to her valuable contribution.

Go Africa arrives in South Africa!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our operations in South Africa from Johannesburg!

Operating as Go Africa Global Pty LTD a wholly owned subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC.

Go Africa Global Pty LTD in South Africa will serve as our lead HQ for the South Africa.

South Africa currently serves as one of the leading economic and financial hubs in Africa and Southern Africa in particular. Go Africa Global Pty LTD

provides a solid foundation for future growth for Go Africa in the areas of commodities, consumer products,  and other materials to and from Africa & the World.

Our locations in South Africa:

Go Africa Global Pty LTD

(Sales & Marketing office)

1st Floor, 292 Surrey Ave, Ferndale, Johannesburg, 2194, South Africa

Email: info@goafricaglobal.co.za

Phone: +27 (0) 10 005 5486

Go Africa Global Pty LTD

(Administrative and & Legal Offices)



Email: info@goafricaglobal.co.za

Go Africa arrives in Asia!

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our operations in Asia, from Singapore!

Operating as Go Africa Go Africa Asia PTE Limited a wholly owned subsidiary of Go Africa Global LLC.

Go Africa Asia PTE Limited in Singapore will serve as our Gateway HQ for the Asian Market.

With the Asia region comprising over 45% of the world’s  population and over 50% of the world’s GDP,  it’s in the pole position for growth for Go Africa for commodities, consumer products,  and other materials to and from Africa & Asia respectively.

Our locations in Singapore:

Go Africa Asia PTE Limited

1 Raffles Place

Level 19-61, Tower 2

Singapore 048616

Phone:  +65 6808 5640

Fax: +65 6808 5800

Email: info-ga-asia@goafricaglobal.com

(Sales & Support Office)

Go Africa Asia PTE Limited

1 Raffles Place #44-01a

One Raffles Place

Singapore 048616

Email: info-ga-asia@goafricaglobal.com

(administrative & Legal Office )

Welcome Captain Quainoo as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC!

Captain Solomon Quainoo as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC

Go Africa ME DMCC  is pleased to announce the addition of Captain Solomon Quainoo as Director  with immediate effect.  It is our good fortune to have an individual of Captain Quainoo’s caliber join us in leading Go Africa successfully into the future.

Captain Quainoo has begun the process of transitioning from our board of advisors to a Director of Go Africa ME DMCC

Captain Quainoo would assist  in driving Commodities related business within the Middle East, JCC and beyond.

Moving forward, Go Africa ME DMCC  and Go Africa Trading will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities Captain Quainoo possess.

Captain Quainoo currently owns two new logistics companies in Ghana and is poised to extend his influence in Ghana and worldwide.  Go Africa is pleased to have him join our board as we seek to grow the business of processing and exporting from Ghana, and the wider West Africa, agricultural products such as cashews, peanuts, cocoa, coffee and other local produce.

Solomon is a Ghanaian born national and is also an airline captain flying the biggest passenger aircraft, Airbus A380 with Emirates Airlines.  Mr. Quainoo was in 2018 selected to be the captain of the first A380 flight to Ghana. This was the biggest aviation event in Africa in 2018 causing him to become a national and continental hero for Ghana and the whole of Africa.

His subsequent interview and publications in various international media, has inspired many all over the world and he is currently being asked to speak on various events around the world to inspire young and old.  He’s featured in the Ghana Civil Aviation website as a national hero.

He has worked for airlines including British Airways (IAG) and BMI as an airline pilot, and prior to that, as a design engineer for British Airways engineering and supply chain.

Captain Solomon Quainoo has managed and led various projects at British Airways including, aircraft interior re-configuration, introducing the first flat-bed seats in all long haul aircraft, and the introduction of new crew rest in Boeing 777 aircrafts.  He also helped introduce one of the modern instrument landing systems, Microwave Landing Systems (MLS) at Heathrow and Munich airports, configuring a Boeing 757 for the trials. In addition, he introduced a market management matrix for the engineering supply chain with huge cost savings to the company.

As a pilot by profession, Captain Quainoo has flown aircrafts including, Embraer 135/145; Boeing 737-300, 400, 500; Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A340-300, A340-500 and currently flying the A380-800.  He has also worked as an instructor, operating all the British Airways simulators including, A320 family, B737 family, B757/B767 family, B777 family and B747 family.  He was part of the British Airways customer first team, instructing on its mobile simulators on air shows around the United Kingdom.

Mr. Quainoo attended the University of Ghana for his undergraduate bachelor of science (BSc) majoring in Mathematics and Physics and has a masters in engineering (MEng) in aerospace engineering at Kingston University in the United Kingdom.  He was trained at Oxford Aviation for his airline pilot qualification becoming one of the best students of his course.  He has since been selected to be the face of Oxford aviation in various international aviation magazines including Flight International and was part of a select few involved in seminars designed to coach and guide aspiring pilots.

He has been involved in various mentoring programs with Reuters in the United Kingdom and is setting up a mentoring group in Ghana to inspire young black people in particular, and others in general.

Again, we are Pound to welcome Captain Solomon Quainoo as Director, Go Africa ME DMCC.

Go Africa Global (Who we are and what we do) short Aminated promo

Short promotional for Go Africa Global includes information on our products and the markets we serve:

Our Market Focus

We chose Africa because we are leveraging “First in Class” processes, technologies, and local government incentives to deliver lower cost products to the global market.

Areas of focus for competitive advantage:

The Go Africa Brand 

The Go Africa Brand equates to Experience, Quality, Knowledge, Awareness, Adventure.  (EQKAA).

Go Africa is after the CURIOUS CONSCIOUS CONSUMER (CCC). This means customers who are willing to try new products and desire awareness and information about them which ultimately creates net new global demand for our products.

Subsidiaries (Core):


Currently has operations in the following Countries:

Please see Website for more and updated information: https://goafricaglobal.com/

Introducing Go Africa Europe BV.

We are pleased to announce the establishment of our new subsidiary in Europe: Go Africa Europe BV., Based in the Netherlands

Go Africa Europe BV Is led by Dr. Stefan Hendriks. Under the stewardship of Dr. Hendriks, we look forward to exciting and evolving growth in the European Union and beyond!

Go Africa Europe BV

Location:  UP Office Building

Piet Heinkade 55, Amsterdam, 1019 GM, Netherlands

Phone: + 31 20 308 51 09

Email: ga-europe@goafricaglobal.com