We welcome Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju to the Go Africa Team!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju to the Go Africa team.

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju will serve as Advisory Board member, with a focus on the  Agricultural sphere (farming, processing and processing)  for Nigeria and global markets.

About Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is an entrepreneur with a drive for Private Sector Development. He is into plantation farming, food processing and consultancy. He owns a number of medium-sized commercial farms in Ogun and Oyo State.

The company also owns the 2450 hectares San Jose (cashew & cassava farm) Nig Ltd and he is the initiator of the GreenHills Farmstead project (a project that supports and establishes over 1500 farm owners in Nigeria).

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is the co-founder of Onalar Farms. His quick adeptness was a product of dynamic and vast wealth of experience from Finance, Tech and agribusiness sectors.

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is the Managing Director /CEO of Dhabi Gari Energy, an oil servicing and trading firm

We Welcome Mr. Srihari R Belur to the Go Africa Team!

Hello we pleased to welcome  Mr. Srihari R Belur  to the Go Africa Team. Mr. Srihari R Belur  will serve as an Advisory  board member.  Mr. Belur, brings a wealth of experience in finance and debt syndication, trade & structured products, merchant banking, corporate & wholesale banking.

Again, we welcome Mr. Belur to the team and the wealth of experience that he brings.

More Information about Mr. Belur:

  • Founded and partnered own LLP firm in March-2017 in Bangalore, India. It was established on the themes of business advisory, project & trade development strategies mainly focussing on the underserved areas of the emerging markets on the global context with sustainable development goals as a framework. We have a special focus on the markets of India & South East Asia, Africa & ROW. [ Website: proafin.in]
  • Heading the business development, strategy& planning and corporate finance functions for the LLP. My other partner who is a Ph.D(Agro-forestry) from UK is heading the technical and operations functions.
  • Our main industry focus is Agribusiness, agro-energy, Renewable & Clean power tech, infrastructure development, clean development mechanisms, commodities trading etc.
  • We have currently tied up with around 20-25 credible Indian & international corporates as our services partners to execute the deals.
  • Currently advising and executing transactions deals worth around USD 2 billions within Indian & African markets.
  • We have signed MOU’s , partnership agreements with many credible partners in India & African markets for current transactions in execution.
  • Some of the highlights are:
  • USD 750 mio PPP program development with public agencies and private partners in Nigerian agro-energy sectors
  • USD 300 mio of trade development programs for financial institutions and corporate clients for facilitating various commodities trading in Western Africa
  • USD 450 mio healthcare infra development with private sector development in the West African markets
  • USD 60 mio solar PV farm development as part of the govt energy diversification strategy for a full 200 MW renewable energy mix into the main grid over next 5 years in West African markets.


Welcome Dr. Stefan Hendriks to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Dr. Stefan Hendriks, as Senior Vice President , EU Operations.

Dr. Stefan Hendriks brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team in areas of leadership and management that will yield positive results well into the future.

Dr. Stefan Hendriks will be assisting Go Africa in the EU  in the areas of Management, Leadership  and new developments.

Dr. Stefan Hendriks  Will be working with the Go Africa team to  drive projects and initiatives over an evolving time frame.

About Dr. Stefan Hendriks

Stefan is a Learning and Development professional, currently working at Pfizer, developing a suite of learning architectures to support Pfizer’s purpose and strategy for its 90.000 employees. He has experience developing learning programs in business psychology: Performance Management, Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion.

He has worked as a consultant for EY and Deloitte in Europe and the USA, specializing in change management for large business transformations.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management, an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management and an Ed.D from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Welcome Mr. Lincoln Osho to the Go Africa LLC / GOAE Trading Limited (Nigeria)Team!

We welcome Mr. Osho and he wide body of experience as Senior Administrative Officer for Go Africa LLC / GOAE Trading Limited (Nigeria).

Mr. Lincoln Iramofu Osho is a Nigerian scholar vast in research, communications, public speaking, tutoring, and administration. He served as the secretary at Trustfund Pensions Plc, Kano, Nigeria where he helped improve the status of the branch to a regional head office. He’s also a public speaker and compere and has hosted many events in Lagos.

Lincoln holds a bachelor’s in Geography and a master’s degree in Population Geography from the University of Lagos. He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM) and holds a Proficiency Certificate in Management. He also holds a certificate in Digital Marketing. He is popularly referred to as “the-go-to-guy”. He has over 5 years of experience in Management and Administration. Lincoln is a passionate educationist, coaching the Lafarge Africa National Literacy Champion in 2018.


  • Mr. Lincoln Osho, SAO GOAE Nigeria Trading Limited
  • Over 5 years of extensive experience in management and administration across various sectors
  • B.Sc. Geography from University of Lagos
  • M.Sc. Population Geography from the University of Lagos
  • Proficiency Certificate in Management
  • Member, Nigerian Institute of Management
  • Fluent in English and Yoruba.

Go Africa LLC welcomes Mr. Haruna Musah as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)!

We Welcome Mr. Haruna Musah as our new Chief Financial Officer (CFO)!

Moving forward, Go Africa LLC and Go Africa Trading will face some unique and motivating challenges. The assurance that we will overcome these challenges is strengthened by the kind of leadership qualities our team and board members possess. Collectively, the balance of experience and education on our executive board will serve to propel us well into the future with good momentum.

About Mr. Haruna Musah:

  • Mr. Haruna Musah, CFO Go Africa LLC
  • A Finance and Investment Analyst with over 10 years of experience.
  • Works in partnership with CFOs, Investment directors to conduct feasibilities studies and supports, direct investments and funds management.
  • Source new investments and manage portfolios as applicable.
  • Conducts financial and business performance analysis as well as research micro and macro-economic conditions.
  • In addition, I enjoy analyzing and building robust financial models with sensitivity analysis.  The models quantify and support my recommendations to senior management for decision-making.
  • Education and certifications
    • Certified Management Accountants  – USA (Abu Dhabi Chapter)
    • Institute of Certified Management Accountants
  • Fluent in English, and Twi
  • Originally from Ghana and currently resides in UAE, Abu Dhabi