Happy New Year From Go Africa!

The Go Africa Global Team would like to wish our Customers, Partners and the Global Community a happy & Prosperous New Year! Visit is at Https://GoAfricaGlobal.com Https://GoAfricaTrading.com

We welcome Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju to the Go Africa Team!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju to the Go Africa team.

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju will serve as Advisory Board member, with a focus on the  Agricultural sphere (farming, processing and processing)  for Nigeria and global markets.

About Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is an entrepreneur with a drive for Private Sector Development. He is into plantation farming, food processing and consultancy. He owns a number of medium-sized commercial farms in Ogun and Oyo State.

The company also owns the 2450 hectares San Jose (cashew & cassava farm) Nig Ltd and he is the initiator of the GreenHills Farmstead project (a project that supports and establishes over 1500 farm owners in Nigeria).

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is the co-founder of Onalar Farms. His quick adeptness was a product of dynamic and vast wealth of experience from Finance, Tech and agribusiness sectors.

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is the Managing Director /CEO of Dhabi Gari Energy, an oil servicing and trading firm

Go Africa & San Jose Farm Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

We are pleased to announce an extended MOU and partnership between Go Africa Global and San Jose (cashew farms) Nigeria Ltd. this Collaborative partnership will allow us to bring current commodities and new and innovative products and solutions to the Nigerian and world Markets.

This partnership demonstrates the potential of full market collaboration for agricultural solutions for Africa and the world markets.

About San Jose Farms: 

San Jose (cashew farms) Nigeria Ltd is a family farm located in the beautiful town of Ihunbo, Oke Odan. Owode Local Government Area in Ogun State , South-west Nigeria.

It is an integrated cashew, cassava and soya beans farm established on over 3000 hectares of arable land.

San Jose (farms) Nigeria. Ltd has an outlook to develop the value chain of cash crops across Africa. We own and operate commercialized cashew, cassava and soya bean farms across Ogun State, Nigeria. Starting with its cashew plantation on 1000 acres, San Jose (cashew farms) has grown to become one of the largest cashew plantations in West Africa with an average of 39,000 fruiting trees. The farm has the capacity to expand its cashew plantation to 10,000 hectares.

San Jose (farms) is committed to being a consistent and reliable supplier of quality produce to its customers and this is done by:


1 Deploying the best farming practice

2 Using the best crop varieties

3 Optimizing our existing business through operational improvements and empowering our people (small scale farmers) to enhance returns.

4 Through deliberate and strategic partnerships

5 Enhancing customer relationship

About Go Africa Global: 

The Go Africa Brand equates to Experience, Quality, Knowledge, Awareness, Adventure. (EQKAA)

Each Go Africa product has a story that emphasizes our customer commitment to Fair Trade, High Quality (FTHQ) products sourced and produced in Africa. For B2B & B2C markets globally.


Go Africa is after the CURIOUS CONSCIOUS CONSUMER (CCC). This means customers who are willing to try new products and desire awareness and information about them which ultimately creates net new global demand for our products.

We Sell Go Africa branded products  in the USA on Amazon.com. Products launched between 2016 – 2018. (coffee, cashews, Chocolate covered cashews, peanuts, tiger nuts, and teas). We also provide Private label and white label products for retail and wholesale customers.

We welcome Mr. Emeka Uzomba to the Go Africa Team!

We pleased to welcome Mr. Emeka Uzomba as a part of the Go Africa Team.

Mr. Emeka Uzomba will serve an advisory board member brings a wealth of experience in the areas of financial and structured investments for Nigeria and global markets..

Again, we welcome Mr. Uzomba to the team and the wealth of experience that he brings.

More Information about Mr. Uzomba:

Mr. Emeka Uzomba is a former banker with over 24 years’ experience covering treasury, trade finance, debt capital markets, assets & liabilities management, correspondent banking/international financial institutions, commercial banking and banking operations.

Mr. Uzomba was a General Manager at Nova Merchant Bank Limited in charge of business development with responsibilities for the bank’s structured and specialized businesses including Oil & Gas, Maritime, Telecoms, Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Public Sector Groups. Prior to that, he was the Group Treasurer and Head of Financial Institutions at Diamond Bank Plc, a position he held for several years having joined Treasury early in his career as a trainee Dealer and rose through the ranks before his appointment as the Treasurer. He also has experience leading on strategy, special initiatives, advisory work, market development, capacity building and risk management.

Mr. Uzomba holds an MBA in Banking & Finance from the University of Nigeria (Enugu Campus) and Bachelor of Science degree in Geography & Meteorology from the Anambra State University of Technology, Enugu.

Mr. Uzomba  is an alumnus of the Senior Management Program at the Lagos Business School and as well as London Business School where he studied Corporate Finance.

Meet the Farmers’ Conference Dubai


Meet the Farmers’ Conference 2019: Dubai.   Go Africa LLC’s

President, Dr. Dennie Beach, panel Speaker.  Go Africa wins Business Excellence Award for fostering business between the Africa Continent and Other Countries.

Meet the Farmers Conference, Dubai U.A.E. 2019

Go Africa attended The Meet the Farmers Conference this year in Dubai, U.A.E.  Our President, Dr. Dennie M. Beach,  was one of the speakers and Go Africa LLC and our company won the Award for Business Excellence for commercial trade between Africa and other countries.

Go Africa is boosting business in Ghana and beyond (Microsoft Alumni Network) article

By Brad Broberg

A seed Dennie Beach planted five years ago is about to bear fruit — or to be more accurate beans and nuts.

Dennie is the president of Go Africa LLC, which will begin processing cocoa beans, coffee beans, cashews and peanuts in a production facility in Ghana this fall.

Go Africa isn’t stopping in Ghana. The plan is to open a dozen facilities across Africa in the next five years — all part of Dennie’s effort to build an international commodities business and bring economic opportunity to the continent of his forefathers.

Although his family came to America more than 250 years ago, Dennie is 100 percent African — a fact the Microsoft alum discovered six years ago when he took a DNA test to satisfy his curiosity.

By that time Dennie was already helping better the lives of Africans here and in their home countries. He chaired the board of the African Services Committee, a nonprofit based in New York, from 2008 to 2012 before joining like-minded friends to start the nonprofit Go Africa Network and the for-profit Go Africa LLC in 2014.

Dennie and his friends took matters into their own hands because they wanted to do more than raise money, give money and share their contacts — the primary role of nonprofit board members, Dennie said.

“As a board member, you can give your advice, but they won’t necessarily act on it,” Dennie said.

“We decided to form our own nonprofit to get done what we wanted done…health and economic development.”

— Dennie Beach

What they didn’t want to do was “bail the ocean,” said Dennie, borrowing a Microsoft mantra for spreading yourself too thin in an attempt to meet every need. “That’s how we’ve been able to stay focused on economic development and health and punt other things that would be nice to do but are … a waste of our resources.”

The nonprofit Go Africa Network works to raise awareness and establish relationships to address health issues and expand trade opportunities via fairs, forums and social media and through public-private partnerships.

One example is the annual Go Africa Carnival held in Harlem, N.Y., which showcases the unique products and culture of the city’s African and Caribbean communities.

Go Africa LLC — and its affiliate Go Africa Trading — is the commercial counterpart of the Go Africa Network. This for-profit venture is not so much about the where — Africa — as it is about the why. “It’s a good business opportunity,” Dennie said.

Africa is bursting with commodities that are ripe for export — a bonanza Dennie discerned on his first trip to the continent in 2013. Go Africa began by processing coffee beans from Africa at a roastery in New York and selling them in eight-ounce bags on Amazon. Then came cashews, cocoa and peanuts.

Now those commodities will be processed in Africa and sold as retail products — either under the Go Africa brand or a private label — or supplied in bulk to wholesalers. The initial facility in Ghana will train and employ up to 60 people from the surrounding community.

“We are starting with commodities that are just everywhere,” Dennie said. “It’s not like we’re going to have a supply problem. We’re starting with something that they know.”

Dennie worked for Microsoft from 1997 to 2006 starting as a partner program manager and finishing as a global services manager, which involved coordinating sales, service and deployment of Microsoft enterprise technologies for several major accounts.

His biggest takeaway from his time there: “Being first is not necessarily being best. Just do the right thing even if you’re not successful at first.”

Doing the right thing means delivering what you promised — and even things you didn’t promise if the customer thinks you did. “That way you don’t have to run from them at the airport,” he said with a laugh.

Dennie grew up with a thing for databases and began his career as a software quality engineer for what is now Accenture. He has four college degrees: a bachelor’s in economics from Northeastern Illinois University, a master’s in technology management from New York University and a master’s in business administration and a Ph.D. in public administration from Walden University.

Life after Microsoft included stints in business development and account management at Nortel Networks, Teradata Corp., IBM and Dell EMC.

After founding Go Africa in 2014, Dennie wore two hats for four years before leaving Dell EMC to devote himself to Go Africa’s success — a leap he will never second guess regardless of the outcome.

“Why wait when you can be in control,” he said, “and if it fails, at least fail at something you really wanted to do.”

Official Publication Evaluation Report of submissions for ADB AFT project Project 7014

The notice services as official publication of receipt of REOI for evaluation and the processes for such evaluation (ranking, scoring, rules,etc).


NAME OF RECIPIENT:      Go Africa LLC / GOAE Trading Limited                            DATE:

Evaluation Report on Consultant’s Qualification Method of Selection: (open publication

Country:  Nigeria




Source of Funds: Agriculture Fast Track Fund (AFT)


Title of Consulting Services:  Feasibility Study for;

1. Technical, 2. Marketing, 3. Financial and 4. Environmental Social Impact

For [Cashew processing Plant in Nigeria] Project

Date of Submission: ……07/08/2019




GOAE Trading Limited / Go Africa LLC and its affiliates (the “Company”) GOAE Trading Limited / Go Africa LLC seeks to develop world class commodities processing facilities as well as a trading platform that provide the most transparent, efficient, and cost-effective supply chain ecosystem that delivers the best African products to customers (commercial, wholesale and retail) all over the globe.

GOAE Trading Limited / Go Africa LLC intends to expand its Cashew nut processing operations via the development of Cashew processing Plant in Nigeria  (the “Project”). The Company deals in the production and processing of cashews, coffee, cocoa, teas, and nuts for retail and wholesale sales and consumption.

In order to pursue the policies of Federal Government of Nigeria for maximizing local production and reducing the country’s dependence on imports, the Company plans to invest massively in backward integration including development of proposals to increase cashew production methods and best practices  in order to boost the local production.

The Company is currently looking forward to expand its local production in Nigeria as follows:

·       Increase its farming capacity for Cashew production;

·       Training and best practices for continued development;

·       Setting up a Processing plant with higher capacity to boost output.


The Company is now in the process of raising debt capital to finance the capital expenditure requirements for the Project.




Assignment Objectives:

The Company has positioned itself to launch a business that will improve local production of Cashews & Cashew by-products and the objective of this assignment is to investigate and report on Technical, Marketing, Financial &Environmental Social Impact feasibility, with an independent view of the Company’s capability to execute the business plan.


This will involve a detailed review of the Company’s existing assets, technology, business operations as well as a review of the forecast of the future capital expenditure and operating expenditure needed to support the expansion and overall business plan. The Consultant will be required to visit the Company’s offices and farm sites, interact with the operational teams and confirm the robustness of business model and assumptions with regards to the revenue and capital costs forecasts.


The overall goal of the preparation studies is to provide expert knowledge on the target location to enhance the bankability of the Cashew processing Plant in Nigeria Project.


The specific objectives of Component 1 of the preparatory studies are:

i.         Carry out a detailed Technical Study of the design of the project along with the cashew processing equipment selected.

ii.         Undertake a Market feasibility study in order to evaluate the demand of Cashews & Cashew by-products in Nigerian Market in order to determine the capacity of production being proposed.

iii.              Evaluate the Financial model prepared for the Cashew processing Plant in Nigeria project by the company and develop a bankable financial model. Inclusive with projected earnings for next 5 years inclusive of payback schedule for potential investors

iv.         Undertake the Environmental impact assessment studies at all the locations where GOAE Trading Limited / Go Africa LLC  Resources proposes to expand its project namely Lagos State.



General Scope of assignment:

The Consulting Services to be provided for the study will, inter alia, cover:


3.1        Detailed Technical Study

  1. Detailed Assessment and Review of Existing and Proposed Facilities and Infrastructure


  1. Review the existing and proposed facilities and infrastructure, and recommending the capacity and quality of the infrastructure required for the Company’s future business plan including;
    1. Plant and equipment required to meet the Project’s objectives:
      • Processing equipment;
      • Handling equipment;
      • Storage equipment;
      • Packaging equipment;
    2. Requirements for Buildings, Civil Works, etc:
      • for Cashew Processing plant;
      • Utilities;
      • Office, warehouse/ storage facilities, workshop, etc.;
      • Drainage, walkways, sewerage, etc.;
  • Provision of appropriate Utilities:
    • All utilities including electricity, water, steam, ventilation;
    • Waste management and appropriate effluent treatment facilities;
    • Communication;
    • Transportation;
  1. Review the proposed production technologies in line with the overall business plan;
  2. Following review of (a) and (b) above, make proposals on additional equipment or machinery required to achieve the projected production output;
  3. Comment on the age, useful economic life and efficiency of the facility;
  4. Undertake a detailed review the Company’s existing and proposed outputs to determine if the Company has the capacity to deliver the projected output based on capital outlay;
  5. Assess raw material requirements for the construction of the facilities;
  6. Assess raw materials for day to day production;
  7. Assess spare parts and maintenance requirements;


  1. Detailed review of the projected capital costs


  1. Review and opine on the capital costs of the planned expansion plan and time required to complete the Project;
  2. Prepare a comprehensive technical risk analysis of the proposed capital expenditure projects, including an analysis of the required contingencies incorporated in the project Budget;
  3. Technical appraisal of the proposed equipment to verify that the conceptual design meets the desired outputs and Company goals;
  4. Review and opine on the adequacy of budget contingencies;


  1. Production strategy and management


  1. Determine whether output levels projected based on the intended capital investments are reasonable and attainable;
  2. Comment on the Company’s existing production methods and proposed production technologies to be utilized;
  3. Comment on the Company’s execution plan for the Project
  4. Opine on the viability and sustainability of the outgrowing farming model currently in place and the proposed plans;
  5. Comment on existing and proposed quality control and bio-security practices in place. Indicate improvements that may be considered necessary;
  6. The Consultant shall also identify issues and risks likely to threaten the operational sustainability of the Project and recommend ways of minimizing the effects of such risks on the operations of the Project;


  1. Review of Technical Capabilities of the staff


  1. Review the technical staff capabilities of the Company and comment on their ability to carry out specified tasks as detailed;
  2. Review the management and organizational structure of the Company and comment on the staff adequacy of the existing staff and future needs of human resources;


  1. Permitting process


  1. Ascertain and report on the technical and regulatory appropriateness of existing approvals, consents and permits which the Company already has in place and advise on any additional approvals that may be required.


3.2   Market Study

The Consultant is required to undertake a detailed assessment of the Nigerian Cashew and nut agriculture sector in relation to The Company’s business. The Consultant’s study should comprise of a review of specialist research of relevant industry prospects, expected trends, competitor information and economic data, discussions with the Company’s personnel and the Company’s own records and data sources as available.


The market report should include market size and key industry trends, growth drivers and opportunities, customer segments and their evolving needs, a regulatory analysis, impact of evolving technology and the competitive environment. The aim of the report will be to examine and address the following critical questions;


  • What are the market dynamics; size, trends and structure?
  • What is the Company’s current market position and market share?
  • How does the Company compare with its competitors – SWOT?
  • What are the growth drivers and opportunities?
  • How does government policy affect the Company’s long term plans?


The Company will provide a detailed plan regarding their distribution/marketing strategy. The Consultant will be required to opine from an independent point of view on the feasibility of the proposed marketing plan in light of current demand and any anticipated developments in the market. To achieve this, the Consultant is required to undertake the following:


  1. Assess present marketing and pricing arrangements, marketing costs/fees, principal customers, and the marketability of the company’s products, taking into account quality and volume;
  2. Opine on the Company’s marketing strategy and proposition;
  3. Assess current and proposed markets;
  4. Compare the Company’s marketing plans with similar companies, under similar circumstances in other jurisdictions;
  5. Review the portfolio of intended service offerings and compare their value with similar products in the market;
  6. Estimate current market share and competitor profiles (including strengths and weaknesses)
  7. Estimate current demand and forecast future demand;


In addition to a detailed section on the above listed items, the market report should also include but not be limited to the following;


  1. Overview of the Nigerian cashews and nut Agriculture Sector
  2. Historical Overview;
  3. Recent Developments and forth coming developments;
  • Market Segmentation;
  1. Market size and growth prospects;
  2. SWOT Analysis;
  3. Cashew Market
  4. Introduction and statistical overview;
  5. Market analysis – recent developments, demand/supply gaps;
  • Market economics (asset structure, cost structure and profitability);
  1. Market penetration strategy;
  2. Key trends in competitive landscape (profiles, strengths and weaknesses of key competitors);
  3. Profiles of key players
    • Pricing strategy of key players;
    • Business strategy of key players;
    • Marketing Strategy of key players;
    • Operational Strategy of key players;
  4. Industry Forecasts – Cashew Consumption & production (2017-2023):
  5. Regulatory Environment
  6. Existing standards & specifications for agriculture products;
  7. Key regulators;
  • Regulatory requirements;
  1. Outlook for regulation;
  2. Key Success Factors
  3. Management Overview
    1. Review of agriculture experience of key management staff; and
    2. Board strategy and medium term plans
  4. Critical Risks and Mitigants



3.3 Financial Feasibility Study

Review and opine on the Financial Model prepared for the expansion of the capacity in light of the company’s current position and expected commercial developments in the Cashew sector:


  1. Historical Financial performance of the company
  2. Validity of the inputs/assumptions used in the financial model with a particular focus on revenue, margins, capex, maintenance, variable and fixed costs;
  3. Reasonableness and adequacy of parameters of the financial model sensitivity scenarios;
  4. The adequacy of the working capital, major maintenance requirements, inventory, projected operating budget for the expansion and other relevant technical aspects that should be considered in the financial model;
  5. Develop the Financial model to a bankable proposal


3.4 Environmental Impact Assessment

The Consultant is also required to act as an independent environmental and social specialist that will carry out an Assessment of the Project with the following objectives:


  1. Conduct a detailed review of the Project planning process and documentation of the proposed development site for the cashew processing facility;
  2. Conduct an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and required stakeholder engagement plan;
  3. Identify areas of non-compliance with the International Finance Corporations (IFC) Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability (2012) and applicable World Bank Group Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) guidelines (“Applicable Standards”)and where applicable comment on whether deviation from the Applicable Standards (that are not legal requirements) is justified;
  4. Identify remedial actions and provide timelines and recommendations for further work to be undertaken to comply with the Applicable Standards;
  5. The Consultants shall determine/assess the environmental impact of the Project, with emphasis on the following:
  • land usage and sustainability of cashew processing activities in relation to:
    • Sustainable agronomic practices and integrated pest management;
    • Effective and responsible use of vaccines and medicines;
    • Water use, depletion and impact on soil;
    • Collection, treatment and disposal of all solid and liquid wastes;
    • Any other issues of environmental concern identified;
  1. The Consultant shall determine the social impacts of the project and make proposals for mitigation of any negative impacts with emphasis on the following:

 Safety and Health

  • Identify safety and health hazards associated with the project and make proposals for their mitigation with special attention to hazards introduced by generated wastes and by-products;
  • Propose measures to secure the good health of the communities and recommend any necessary facilities to be provided by the government or the Company;


  • Identify and evaluate opportunities for job creation consistent with economic viability:
    • Directly through production of cashew and cashew by-products;
    • Indirectly through further processing/marketing of cashews and cashew by-products;



  1. Deliverables
  2. A detailed work plan for the execution of this component
  3. A comprehensive report on the four separate assignments are:
  • Technical report on the Plans and Equipment selection
  • Detailed Market study report on prospects of cashew nuts production in Nigeria
  • Detailed Financial model with Balance Sheets and Cash Flows
  • Environmental Impact Assessment reports




General Information

Grant Recipient:

  1. Name: GOAE Trading Limited / Go Africa LLC
  2. Address: Mulliner Towers, 7th floor, 39 Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
  3. Type of Assignment: Consultancy

Method of Selection: Consultants’ Qualifications Selection (CQS) process.

Request for expression of interest:

  1. Channel used: Request for Expression of Interest (REOI), attached in Annex 1 of this document was approved by the African Development Bank on the on 7/9/2019 and was published in the local newspaper and on AFDB and UNDB website.
  2. Number of Consulting Firm Responses 11
  3. Shortlisting:

The Consultant Firm Selection Process:

The Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) was published in the local newspaper and on  AFDB and UNDB website, Below is the list of express of interested firms who submitted  their interest to participate to the assignment of feasibility studies commissioned by [Go Africa LLC / GOAE Trading Limited] showing those that responded and otherwise.

S/N Name of Consulting Firm Address of Firm country Remarks



1518 Brown Owl Dr Office (919) 758-8634 Raleigh, NC 27610

2 PROINT SYSTEMS LTD MO 75/1, ARS, Local Government Area, Madina, Accra Ghana JVC with Kholone Global Logistics
3 Kholone Global Logistics NO 9 Akilo Rd, Ijaiye 100218, Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria JVC with PROINT SYSTEMS LTD
4 ACERDEN 22, Second Avenue, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu, Enugu State, Nigeria Nigeria (Late submission over 2 days late)
5 ASPPEC Consultancy Office 304 B, Aspin Commercial Tower,

Sheikh Zayed Road, P.O Box 41314,

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates  
6 Highnet Resources Ltd Suite 205, Meros Plaza,

718B Somide Odujinrin Avenue,

Omole Phase 2, Isheri Olowora

7 PricewaterhouseCoopers


Landmark Towers, Plot 5B Water Corporation Road, Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria Nigeria  


12 Bori Road

Rumuibekwe Housing Estate

Port Harcourt, Nigeria

9 SOFRECO 92-98 boulevard Victor Hugo – 92115 Clichy Cedex – France France  
10 ISA Engineers and Consultants 44/1 Kodambakkam Road, W Mambalam

Chennai-600 033. India

India JMSF Agribusiness Limited
11 Wider Perspectives Limited

M a n a g e m e n t C o n s u l t a n t s

Ground Floor, No 222 Aba Road After Areta Farms, P.O. Box 4908, Port Harcourt Rivers State, Nigeria Nigeria  
12 ZEPCON ENGINEERING Wittenburger Str. 8

D-23879 Mölln




  1. Go Africa LLC /GOAE Trading Limited Evaluation Committee:

In order to complete a transparent to thorough evaluation of the various EOI received, GOAE Trading Limited / Go Africa LLC has put together a Selection Committee constituted of several team members, whose skills and responsibilities would cover a wide range of fields hence ensure more efficient selection process. (Should include a minimum of three and in proportion of odd numbers. The essence is should there be need for voting, there should not be an even chance both ways. Normally we include: an expert in the subject matter, User department member and the procurement officer as secretary, (if any). The CEO GOAE Trading Limited  is not a member of the committee, since s/he has the approval right for internal control sake.

The Selection Committee is constituted 5 members whose unique responsibility is to commonly assess the EOI and score them against the Evaluation criterion spelt out in the TOR.

Members of the Selection Committee are:

S/N Name Position Tel Mail
1 Dr. Samuel Jones SVP, Chief Medical Officer 646 838-1330  ext 803 Sjones@goAfricallc.com
2 Mr. Lincoln Osho Senior Administrative officer +234 014489282 losho@goafricallc.com
3 Mr.Richard Iyasere SVP Health and Operational Safety +234 014489282 or 646 838-1330  ext 847 riyasere@goafricallc.com
4 Mr.Majeed Iddrisu SVP Special Operations Field and Production + 233 0302633259 mIddrisu@goafricallc.com
5 Mr.Haruna Musah CFO & SVP + 233 0302633259 hmusah@goafricallc.com








  1. Evaluation Criteria (100 points total)
  2. (15pts) Firm’s legal status (Certificates of registration, licenses, …);
  3. (10 pts) Firm’ staff/organization structure (firm’s staff, services and organization structure);


  1. (40 pts) Proposed staff qualifications, experience and skills in the areas listed below
8 points for each item below Allocation of points suggestions/scenarios
1.     Team Leader (with 15yrs experience in managing similar assignment with similar scale particularly in the West African sub-region) (8pts)


·      University degree with 3yrs -6yrs of experience in the field 2pts

·      University degree similar experience with 6-9yrs =4pts

·      University degree with similar 9-11yrs of experience in the field 6pts

·      University degree with 11-15 plus yrs. of experience in the field 8pts.

2.     Technical Expert with 10 yrs of experience in Cashew and/or nut processing projects (8pts) ·      Similar with 2yrs -4yrs of experience in the field 2pts

·      Years of experience in the field or similar with 4-6yrs=4pts

·      Years of experience in the field or similar with 6-8yrs=4pts

·      8-10 yrs & plus yrs. of experience in the field 8pts.

3.     Expert with experience to undertake marketing strategy. (8pts) Same as above
4.     A Financial expert with minimum ICAN qualification


Same as above
5.     Environmental Expert to conduct

Environment Impact Assessment; land usage and sustainability of processing activities (8pts)

Same as above







  1. (25 pts) Experience in similar projects in the areas of assignment focus 25 points:
5points for each item below Allocation of points suggestions/scenarios
1.     Experience with Technical feasibility study: @ 7points

1.1.   Revision of facilities and infrastructure 2

1.2.   review of the projected capital costs2

1.3.   Production strategy and management 2

1.4.   Review of Technical Capabilities of the staff 1pts


1 to 2 Technical Study:

1.1.   Revision of facilities and infrastructure 2pts

1.2.   review of the projected capital costs2pts

1.3.   Production strategy and management 2pts

1.4.   Review of Technical Capabilities of the staff 1pts



2.     The market development and study 6pts 1-2 market Studies 2pts

2-3 market Studies 4pts

3-4plus market Studies 6pts

3.     Financial Feasibility Study @ 6points 1 to 2yrs or 2projects of Financial Feasibility Study in Agriculture or in another field: 2pts

3 yrs. or 3 projects of Financial Feasibility Study in Agriculture or in another field: 4pts

4-5yrs of Financial Feasibility Study in Agriculture or in another field 6pts

4.     Environment Impact Assessment @ 6points 1 to 2 EIA in the fields of environmental science, aquaculture, agriculture or EIA in another field not Aquaculture =2 pts

3- EIA in the fields of environmental science, aquaculture or 3 EIA in another field not Aquaculture = 4pts

4 to 5EIA in in the fields of environmental science, aquaculture /EIA in another field than Aquaculture 6pts


(10 pts) Familiarity with West African sub-region culture and context, its social dimension, legal framework

Nigerian News: Edo State Gov. opens production centre in Benin City

Large facility enabling the development in Edo State.


For more information Contact Mr. Richard Iyasere,  646 838-1330  ext 847 senior Director for African Affairs & promotions Email: RIyasere@GoAfricaLLC.com

Go Africa Nigeria:

  • Mulliner Towers, 7th floor, 39 Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria
    • Phone +234 014489282

Go Africa LLC announces the opening of its new regional, corporate office in Lagos Nigeria

We are happy to announce the establishment of our new regional, corporate office in Lagos Nigeria!.

The new regional, marquis, corporate office in Lagos will allow Go Africa to grow its current and new relationships in the Nigeria and the West African region while also serving as a key platform for long term growth and expansion in Nigeria.

Go Africa LLC (Lagos Nigeria, Corporate office location):

Mulliner Towers, Ground, 2nd, 3rd & 7th floors Mulliner Towers, 39 Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria