Go Africa Branded Products for Retail Sale

Go Africa Global LLC is a US  based firm located in New York City with entities in the UK, the E.U., the Middle East, Asia, and throughout Africa.

The major goal of Go Africa LLC is to bring African products to the world.  We are pleased to present our readily established and our new Go Africa branded products for retail sale in three categories, Coffee and Tea, Snack Nuts, and Cooking Ingredients.

In the category of Coffee and Tea, we have whole bean, ground, and instant coffee, select origin and blended coffees, and select origin and blended teas.

In the category of Snack Nuts, we have cashews, macadamia nuts, peanuts, tiger nuts, and dark chocolate covered cashews.

In the category of cooking ingredients, we have cocoa powder, teff flour and teff grain, and macadamia nut oil.

All Go Africa brand products are organically produced,, processed, and manufactured in Africa, from non-GMO sources, by our farmers and cooperatives through environmentally sustainable means.


Go Africa branded products are for retail sale online at the following websites,


Go Africa store dot com in the USA, and Amazon dot com in the USA, the UK, and the E U.


Go Africa Brand products will soon be available online at Amazon dot com in Asia and the Middle East, as well.


Wherever you are in the world, Go Africa branded products are making their way to you!



Please Visit Our website,, at Go Africa Global dot com

Go Africa Branded Nut Products for Retail Sale

Hello welcome to Go Africa Global.  We are a USA based firm located in New York City, with subsidiaries in the UK, the E.U., the Middle East, Asia, and throughout Africa.

The major objectives of Go Africa Global are to bring African products and solutions to the world.

 We are pleased to announce the relaunch and rebranding of our legacy Go Africa Brand Cashew Products, and to introduce you to all our new Go Africa Branded Nut products. Go Africa has added Dry Roasted Macadamia Nuts, Tiger Nuts, and Roasted Peanuts to our product offerings.

We have given our legacy product, Go Africa Brand Roasted Cashews, a new look; but we have kept the same delicious, roasted formula that has satisfied our customers, and kept this product in demand. We have also given our GO Africa Brand Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews a new look.  Although the package is new, you can expect to get the same sweet, nutty, creamy, delicious taste you have come to expect, that makes this package hard to put down once opened.

Of our nut product newcomers, we are proud to introduce to you Go Africa Brand Macadamia Nuts.  Macadamia Nuts, coveted for their rich buttery flavor, are one of the rarest snack nuts in the world.  Lucky for us, two of the top countries producing them are in Africa, and our farmers have saved a portion for us to share with you.

Go Africa Brand is also delighted to bring you Go Africa Brand Tiger Nuts.  Tiger Nuts are an ancient superfood once eaten by the ancient Egyptians.  They have recently made a resurgence, because of their delicious taste and health benefits.  We have peeled them for easy consumption.

Lastly, we present you with Go Africa Brand Roasted Peanuts.  These nuts have been roasted in a tradition, handed down by Africans for over 300 years, to help bring out their sweet nutty taste.  We have salted, and shelled them, so that you can carry them anywhere as the prefect snack.

 All Go Africa Branded products are organically produced, processed, and manufactured in Africa, from non-GMO sources, by our farmers and cooperatives, through environmentally sustainable means.

Go Africa Branded products are for retail sale online at the following websites:  GoAfricastore.com in the USA, and Amazon.com in the USA, the UK, and the EU.  Go Africa Branded products will soon be available online at Amazon.com in Asia and the Middle East as well.

Wherever you are in the world, Go Africa branded products are making their way to you.  Please visit Our websites at GoAfricaGlobal.com and GoAfricastore.com, or email us at info.GoAfricaStore.com.

Go Africa and Sustainability & Impact investments

So what does Go Africa do to provide direct assistance to the agricultural ecosystem?
Cooperative & Farmer reach

Topline Metrics: 
We touch over 6,000 Farmers and over 20 cooperatives in West Africa.
We have directly sponsored over 3 cooperatives


Training & Assistance 

We provide direct access to training and other materials for Cooperatives & Farmers
We provide access to crop data and metrics to improve yields
We promote direct payments to Farmers & cooperatives
On-site proactive & preventative care for all team members
On-site, Flexible and interactive training
Direct agricultural assistance with crop & yield management, best practices.
Micro loans & Credit financing (Team Members, Cooperatives, & Farmers).
Farm equipment

Go Africa & San Jose Farm Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

We are pleased to announce an extended MOU and partnership between Go Africa Global and San Jose (cashew farms) Nigeria Ltd. this Collaborative partnership will allow us to bring current commodities and new and innovative products and solutions to the Nigerian and world Markets.

This partnership demonstrates the potential of full market collaboration for agricultural solutions for Africa and the world markets.

About San Jose Farms: 

San Jose (cashew farms) Nigeria Ltd is a family farm located in the beautiful town of Ihunbo, Oke Odan. Owode Local Government Area in Ogun State , South-west Nigeria.

It is an integrated cashew, cassava and soya beans farm established on over 3000 hectares of arable land.

San Jose (farms) Nigeria. Ltd has an outlook to develop the value chain of cash crops across Africa. We own and operate commercialized cashew, cassava and soya bean farms across Ogun State, Nigeria. Starting with its cashew plantation on 1000 acres, San Jose (cashew farms) has grown to become one of the largest cashew plantations in West Africa with an average of 39,000 fruiting trees. The farm has the capacity to expand its cashew plantation to 10,000 hectares.

San Jose (farms) is committed to being a consistent and reliable supplier of quality produce to its customers and this is done by:


1 Deploying the best farming practice

2 Using the best crop varieties

3 Optimizing our existing business through operational improvements and empowering our people (small scale farmers) to enhance returns.

4 Through deliberate and strategic partnerships

5 Enhancing customer relationship

About Go Africa Global: 

The Go Africa Brand equates to Experience, Quality, Knowledge, Awareness, Adventure. (EQKAA)

Each Go Africa product has a story that emphasizes our customer commitment to Fair Trade, High Quality (FTHQ) products sourced and produced in Africa. For B2B & B2C markets globally.


Go Africa is after the CURIOUS CONSCIOUS CONSUMER (CCC). This means customers who are willing to try new products and desire awareness and information about them which ultimately creates net new global demand for our products.

We Sell Go Africa branded products  in the USA on Amazon.com. Products launched between 2016 – 2018. (coffee, cashews, Chocolate covered cashews, peanuts, tiger nuts, and teas). We also provide Private label and white label products for retail and wholesale customers.

Good news! Go Africa Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews are now a Amazon’s Choice Product!

Good news! Go Africa Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews have now become Amazon’s Choice as the top seller in its category. Thank you team for all the hard work in publicizing Go Africa products. This now makes 2 of our product categories that have made it to this level on Amazon USA.