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About Go Africa® Fertilizer production, and sales operations

Hello, Welcome to Go Africa Global,

We are here today to provide an overview of our Fertilizer production, and sales operations, in East Africa, and West Africa.

In Kenya,, via our Kenyan Subsidiary, I-Go  Africa,, we have partnered with CFAO group, (Toyota Tusho), to bring to market fertilizers, that are crop specific based on region-specific, soils tests.

Go Africa fertilizers, are blended in Africa, for African soils and are proven to increase yields across various crops.  We believe each crop deserves the right, balanced, nutrition, to grow and sustain high levels of productivity., The fertilizers we market are determined to be the right choice for the given crop, and are designed to provide for an optimum yield.

We are currently offering fertilizers for planting and top dressing for the following crops for sale throughout East Africa.

Go Africa fertilizers, for  Cereals  crops such  as maize, horticulture, vegetables, legumes and also Go Africa fertilizers, for  sugar cane,  Potato,  coffee, rice and tea.

Go Africa also has established Fertilizer operations in Ghana and Tanzania, please contact us with your requirements and let us know how we may assist in these markets.

Visit our website at Go, or, for more information, or Email us at or at or call us at +1646-838-1330  or, +25420-5148160  and let us know how Go Africa can assist your with your requirements for Fertilizers, agricultural equipment, or other agricultural, or commodities requirements.

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