Go Africa & San Jose Farm Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

We are pleased to announce an extended MOU and partnership between Go Africa Global and San Jose (cashew farms) Nigeria Ltd. this Collaborative partnership will allow us to bring current commodities and new and innovative products and solutions to the Nigerian and world Markets.

This partnership demonstrates the potential of full market collaboration for agricultural solutions for Africa and the world markets.

About San Jose Farms: 

San Jose (cashew farms) Nigeria Ltd is a family farm located in the beautiful town of Ihunbo, Oke Odan. Owode Local Government Area in Ogun State , South-west Nigeria.

It is an integrated cashew, cassava and soya beans farm established on over 3000 hectares of arable land.

San Jose (farms) Nigeria. Ltd has an outlook to develop the value chain of cash crops across Africa. We own and operate commercialized cashew, cassava and soya bean farms across Ogun State, Nigeria. Starting with its cashew plantation on 1000 acres, San Jose (cashew farms) has grown to become one of the largest cashew plantations in West Africa with an average of 39,000 fruiting trees. The farm has the capacity to expand its cashew plantation to 10,000 hectares.

San Jose (farms) is committed to being a consistent and reliable supplier of quality produce to its customers and this is done by:


1 Deploying the best farming practice

2 Using the best crop varieties

3 Optimizing our existing business through operational improvements and empowering our people (small scale farmers) to enhance returns.

4 Through deliberate and strategic partnerships

5 Enhancing customer relationship

About Go Africa Global: 

The Go Africa Brand equates to Experience, Quality, Knowledge, Awareness, Adventure. (EQKAA)

Each Go Africa product has a story that emphasizes our customer commitment to Fair Trade, High Quality (FTHQ) products sourced and produced in Africa. For B2B & B2C markets globally.


Go Africa is after the CURIOUS CONSCIOUS CONSUMER (CCC). This means customers who are willing to try new products and desire awareness and information about them which ultimately creates net new global demand for our products.

We Sell Go Africa branded products  in the USA on Amazon.com. Products launched between 2016 – 2018. (coffee, cashews, Chocolate covered cashews, peanuts, tiger nuts, and teas). We also provide Private label and white label products for retail and wholesale customers.

We welcome Mr. Emeka Uzomba to the Go Africa Team!

We pleased to welcome Mr. Emeka Uzomba as a part of the Go Africa Team.

Mr. Emeka Uzomba will serve an advisory board member brings a wealth of experience in the areas of financial and structured investments for Nigeria and global markets..

Again, we welcome Mr. Uzomba to the team and the wealth of experience that he brings.

More Information about Mr. Uzomba:

Mr. Emeka Uzomba is a former banker with over 24 years’ experience covering treasury, trade finance, debt capital markets, assets & liabilities management, correspondent banking/international financial institutions, commercial banking and banking operations.

Mr. Uzomba was a General Manager at Nova Merchant Bank Limited in charge of business development with responsibilities for the bank’s structured and specialized businesses including Oil & Gas, Maritime, Telecoms, Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Public Sector Groups. Prior to that, he was the Group Treasurer and Head of Financial Institutions at Diamond Bank Plc, a position he held for several years having joined Treasury early in his career as a trainee Dealer and rose through the ranks before his appointment as the Treasurer. He also has experience leading on strategy, special initiatives, advisory work, market development, capacity building and risk management.

Mr. Uzomba holds an MBA in Banking & Finance from the University of Nigeria (Enugu Campus) and Bachelor of Science degree in Geography & Meteorology from the Anambra State University of Technology, Enugu.

Mr. Uzomba  is an alumnus of the Senior Management Program at the Lagos Business School and as well as London Business School where he studied Corporate Finance.

We Welcome Mr. Srihari R Belur to the Go Africa Team!

Hello we pleased to welcome  Mr. Srihari R Belur  to the Go Africa Team. Mr. Srihari R Belur  will serve as an Advisory  board member.  Mr. Belur, brings a wealth of experience in finance and debt syndication, trade & structured products, merchant banking, corporate & wholesale banking.

Again, we welcome Mr. Belur to the team and the wealth of experience that he brings.

More Information about Mr. Belur:

  • Founded and partnered own LLP firm in March-2017 in Bangalore, India. It was established on the themes of business advisory, project & trade development strategies mainly focussing on the underserved areas of the emerging markets on the global context with sustainable development goals as a framework. We have a special focus on the markets of India & South East Asia, Africa & ROW. [ Website: proafin.in]
  • Heading the business development, strategy& planning and corporate finance functions for the LLP. My other partner who is a Ph.D(Agro-forestry) from UK is heading the technical and operations functions.
  • Our main industry focus is Agribusiness, agro-energy, Renewable & Clean power tech, infrastructure development, clean development mechanisms, commodities trading etc.
  • We have currently tied up with around 20-25 credible Indian & international corporates as our services partners to execute the deals.
  • Currently advising and executing transactions deals worth around USD 2 billions within Indian & African markets.
  • We have signed MOU’s , partnership agreements with many credible partners in India & African markets for current transactions in execution.
  • Some of the highlights are:
  • USD 750 mio PPP program development with public agencies and private partners in Nigerian agro-energy sectors
  • USD 300 mio of trade development programs for financial institutions and corporate clients for facilitating various commodities trading in Western Africa
  • USD 450 mio healthcare infra development with private sector development in the West African markets
  • USD 60 mio solar PV farm development as part of the govt energy diversification strategy for a full 200 MW renewable energy mix into the main grid over next 5 years in West African markets.


22nd Annual Africa Business Conference @ Harvard Univ (2/14 &/215/2020): post event update

Hello, I was honored to serve on the panel titled: Business Shifting Beyond Borders: From China’s FDI to the African Continental Free Trade Area

It was really wonderful and insightful panel.  We received a ton of positive feedback afterwards from the attendees.

Fellow panel members were:

Moderator:  Dr. Abdoulkadre Ado

Dr. Dennie M. Beach: Go Africa Global LLC, President/CEO

Antoinette Kwofie: Barclays Bank Ghana Limited, : Executive Director, Finance

Brionne Dawson:  U.S. Chamber of Commerce, U.S.-Africa Business Center, Senior Director

Gbolahan Elias:  Company: G. Elias & Co.,  Partner

Faridah Usman:  Kuramo Capital Management,  Vice President


Panel Title: Business Shifting Beyond Borders: From China’s FDI to the African Continental
Free Trade Area
Overview: In today’s era, as economic protectionism is being increasingly observed in countries
around the world, African countries are instead leading the charge for economic openness.
Between inflows of Foreign Direct Investment from China and the newly-ratified African
Continental Free Trade Agreement, African economies and businesses are gaining access to a
broader range of capital, goods, services, and labor. Questions remain though: How can African
businesses, in particular SMEs, best prepare for the competitive challenges of these freer
flows? Regarding FDI, how can African businesses and governments ensure equitable gains
from investments? With a free trade agreement in place, what hurdles – infrastructural, financial,
or otherwise – must businesses still overcome to ensure they can actually conduct that trade?



Welcome Dr. Stefan Hendriks to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Dr. Stefan Hendriks, as Senior Vice President , EU Operations.

Dr. Stefan Hendriks brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team in areas of leadership and management that will yield positive results well into the future.

Dr. Stefan Hendriks will be assisting Go Africa in the EU  in the areas of Management, Leadership  and new developments.

Dr. Stefan Hendriks  Will be working with the Go Africa team to  drive projects and initiatives over an evolving time frame.

About Dr. Stefan Hendriks

Stefan is a Learning and Development professional, currently working at Pfizer, developing a suite of learning architectures to support Pfizer’s purpose and strategy for its 90.000 employees. He has experience developing learning programs in business psychology: Performance Management, Talent Management and Diversity and Inclusion.

He has worked as a consultant for EY and Deloitte in Europe and the USA, specializing in change management for large business transformations.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management, an MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management and an Ed.D from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Welcome Dr. Hilary Akhaabi to the Go Africa Global team!

We welcome Dr. Hilary Akhaabi, as Senior Vice President, Finance & Operations (USA & East Africa).

Dr.  Akhaabi brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team that will yield positive result well into the future.

Dr. will be assisting Go Africa in the USA in the areas of Finance,  risk and new developments.

Dr. Will also be working with the Go Africa team in East Africa to drive projects and initiatives over an evolving time frame.

About Dr Hilary Akhaabi


Dr Hilary AKhaabi is a Senior Director at American Express Global Risk Oversight Group heading the functions of Credit Risk Model Validation and Review. He possess over 13 years experience within the  financial services industry.  His technical expertise includes financial model development and implementation of credit risk management frameworks, oversight of funding and liquidity risk; as well as technology solutions to solve financial risk problems (Fintech).


Dr Akhaabi has been instrumental in development of risk governance frameworks including policies and standards; board and senior management reporting across key risk pillar within American Express including interpretation of regulatory guidance SR 11-7 (Guidance on Model Risk Management). Automation of model risk management processes including model auto-retraining, validation, machine learning. He has also offered consulting expertise to startup companies.


Dr Hilary Akhaabi holds PhD in operational research with an emphasis in financial economics. His dissertation focused on Veblen’s theory of conspicuous consumption highlighting the effects of relative income and its implication to debt increase with particular focus into the 2006-2010 great recession.  He also holds a MS in Risk Management from New York University; an MBA with an emphasis in Finance and information Systems; as well as a BSBA in Finance and Economics from Northern Arizona University. Plus other certificates.



Akhaabi, Hilary and Teukuarkyansha Meraxa (2019). Leveraging data to drive early detection and model risk monitoring;

Akhaabi, Hilary and Teukuarkyansha Meraxa (2016). Assessing Model Risk in the Aggregate: Model Risk Score

Dissertation/Published Work:

Akhaabi, Hilary (2010, December). Relative Income and Consumer Debt: Evidence from the Survey of Consumer Finance. Pro Quest, Ann Arbor, Michigan


Dr Akhaabi’s interest lie in enhancing the social economic well being by working collaboratively with institutions both private and public to hasten financial deepening and acumen within East Africa.


Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP)

Council of Urban Professionals (CUP)

New York University Stern Business School Alumni Association

Black Employee Network, American Express



Good news! Go Africa Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews are now a Amazon’s Choice Product!

Good news! Go Africa Dark Chocolate Covered Cashews have now become Amazon’s Choice as the top seller in its category. Thank you team for all the hard work in publicizing Go Africa products. This now makes 2 of our product categories that have made it to this level on Amazon USA.



Dr. Dennie M. Beach to serve as a Distinguished Panelist @ Africa Business Conference @ the Harvard Business School on February 14th & 15th 2020.

I am honored to attend and serve as a Distinguished Panelist @ Africa Business Conference @ the Harvard Business School on February 14th & 15th 2020.

I will serve as Distinguished Panelist on Foreign Investment & Trade Policy on the African continent Panel.



Registration for the 22nd Annual Africa Business Conference is live! Join us for the world’s largest student-run conference on Africa, taking place Feb 14-15, 2020 at the Harvard Business School. Get your ticket now at http://www.africabusinessconference.com/registration/

#HBS #HBSABC2020 #Africa2020



This year’s theme is “Africa 2020: Creating clear visions for future prosperity.” 2020 not only represents the year we are currently in, but also represents the 20/20 vision necessary to execute on our collective goals. Which brings us to the overarching question for this conference: What is our collective vision for Africa? In other words, what is the Africa we want to see in 20 years? How can we harness our capabilities and resources to make that vision a reality? What will our narrative be?

In order to fully understand our vision, we must also understand where the continent stands today relative to the future. We must be fully aware of the current challenges we are facing such as the infrastructure gap, underdeveloped capital markets, misallocation of resources, access to electricity, sustainable energy production, food insecurity, and environmental degradation. We must also understand our advantages and opportunities – a rapidly growing young population, economic integration fostered by free trade agreements, increasing popularity of our creative industries, and the penetration of digital technology in our urban and rural communities.

As in the past, we are bringing together over 1,000 people from across the African continent and diaspora: students, professionals, officials, executives, creators, thought leaders, and all inventive minds in between. This year, your input is critical.

Below are 3 questions for all attendees to think about and prepare to discuss at the conference:

  1. 20 years from now, when I think of the word “Africa”, what do I want to see? 
  2. How will I play a direct role in this vision, starting today? 
  3. After committing to this role, how will I hold myself accountable?

To help stimulate the dialogue, we are curating a set of panels and discussions encompassing the essential challenges and opportunities within our various industries. We hope each panel session will provide you with ideas on the direct role you can play in developing the narrative you see for the continent.

We believe that the Africa Business Conference will leave you with meaningful insights, takeaways, and connections that will spur you to actualize your vision for Africa’s future. We look forward to having you in Boston in February!

Kind Regards,
Chinedu Okpala and Zainab Lasisi

2020 Africa Business Conference Chairs

Announcing Go Africa® BuzyBee Honey “Organic Honey” from Ghana

Go Africa would like to announce that it now sells wild organic honey from Africa nationwide on Amazon in the US. Our partner, BuzyBee Honey of Ghana, under the lead of General Manager Mr. Asiome Adoboe produces a delicious full-bodied wild organic-certified, non-gmo honey from bees extracting the essence of flowers from mango, citrus, cashew and wildflower. Go Africa strives to provide the global market with some of the best finished products and commodities Africa has in the food and beverage sector.

Click the link to see for yourself. https://www.amazon.com/Go-Africa-BuzyBee-Organic-Wildflower/dp/B082GBWQCH/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=buzybee+honey&qid=1578424937&sr=8-1

Go Africa Products are now available in the Europe via amazon.com

News Flash:  We are please to announce the Go Africa Products are now available for order in the EU via Amazon.com/UK at https://www.amazon.co.uk

The following Go Africa products are now available in Europe with more to follow: