Announcing the Angrite & Go Africa Partnership (progress for sustainability in agriculture)

As part of Go Africa’s Sustainability initiatives, we are proud to announce our partnership with Agrorite.

Angrite’s agro market and direct to Farmer capabilities provide an exceptional opportunity to drive economic empowerment for cooperatives and farmers while providing products to the global and local markets.

About Angrite:  We are a premier digital agricultural commodity trading and logistics platform in Nigeria. We connect Small holder farmers to small, medium and large organizations.

Agrorite is a technology driven company that helps farmers with high impact social investment and profitable market.

About Go Africa and the GO Africa brand: The Go Africa Brand equates to Experience, Quality, Knowledge, Awareness, Adventure. (EQKAA)

Each Go Africa product has a story that emphasizes our customer commitment to Fair Trade, High Quality (FTHQ) products sourced and produced in Africa. For B2B & B2C markets globally.

Go Africa is after the CURIOUS CONSCIOUS CONSUMER (CCC). This means customers who are willing to try new products and desire awareness and information about them which ultimately creates net new global demand for our products.

About Go Africa Products and the Markets we serve:

Our Market Focus

Go Africa Brand:  Retail for local & global markets (B2C).

Private Label: Production of custom & specialized products for local and major partners (B2B).

White Label: Commodities produced, processed and sold in bulk (B2B).

Trading Portal: Allows for the placement of large & customized long-term orders (B2B).

Find out more at:

Main Go Africa Site

 Go Africa  e-commerce Store  

Go Africa Café  & retail store with e-commerce

Go Africa Store on   

Go Africa Trading : B2B & Trading platform  

Go Africa Marketplace:       e-commerce platform Connecting African Merchants & consumers  featuring unique products, services and experiences

Dear Agroriters,

We are proud and excited to announce that we have partnered with GoAfrica  Global LLC, a Commodities processing & international trading firm based in the United States. This partnership is aimed at expanding our reach to the international market and ensure that we provide premium markets for our farmers both locally and across Africa.

Both Agrorite and GoAfrica Global LLC recognize the growing interest in the Agricultural sector, and we hope that this partnership will boost the Agrorite goal of affording small holder farmers access to premium markets.

Thank you and remember, we value you.

The Agrorite team

About Go Africa Cafes

Go Africa Café Vision statement

Go Africa Cafés seeks to become the premier venue and platform for African and African themed products from Africa, region 6 of the African Union and the Diaspora communities throughout the world. While also promoting, innovative and healthy products, reflecting traditions and lifestyles of Africa and the world.

Go Africa Café Mission statement

Go Africa Cafés seeks to become the premier venue and platform for African and African themed products and services that are competitively priced for global markets.

Go Africa Café promotes an environment that is supportive and inclusive of diverse communities.

Go Africa Café’s goal is to advance innovative products and services from Africa that promote the social economic development of Africa

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Go Africa will Launch its Franchise Model in select markets

  • Consistent design and look and feel
  • Sell and presentation of current and future Go Africa Products
  • Platform to drive awareness and promotion of products and branding
  • Ready market for products produced at Africa facilities
  • Platform for test kitchen, demonstrations & products launches
  • Select locations may have “Go Africa Studio” to provide gravis and media platform
  • Review Go Africa Concept store for Nigeria & Ghana

For further info:

Go Africa Global LLC.

101 Avenue of the Americas, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10013

Phone: +1-646-838-1330



Phone: 1-646-838-1330

Address: 101 Avenue of the Americas,  9th Floor, New York, 10013



Phone: + 233 0302633259

Address: Movenpick, Presidential Floor Accra Ghana, Mövenpick Ambassador Hotel, Independence Avenue, Ridge, Accra, Ghana


Phone: +225 20 30 76

Address: Abidjan, XL Plateau ,Corner of Dr. Crozet Street and Boulevard de la Republique XL Building, 6th and 7th Floors



Phone: +25420-514-8160

Address:    Ushuru Pension Plaza Block C, Ground and First Floor, Fortis Office Park, Muthangari Dr, Westlands, Nairobi


Phone:+234 014489282

Address:  Mulliner Towers,  7th floor, 39 Alfred Rewane Road Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria


Phone: +971 4 444 9460

Address: Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Phone: +44 02078869475

Location: Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9AG United Kingdom

Go Africa and Sustainability & Impact investments

So what does Go Africa do to provide direct assistance to the agricultural ecosystem?
Cooperative & Farmer reach

Topline Metrics: 
We touch over 6,000 Farmers and over 20 cooperatives in West Africa.
We have directly sponsored over 3 cooperatives


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Training & Assistance 

We provide direct access to training and other materials for Cooperatives & Farmers
We provide access to crop data and metrics to improve yields
We promote direct payments to Farmers & cooperatives
On-site proactive & preventative care for all team members
On-site, Flexible and interactive training
Direct agricultural assistance with crop & yield management, best practices.
Micro loans & Credit financing (Team Members, Cooperatives, & Farmers).
Farm equipment

Go Africa Announces establishment of Go Africa Côte d’Ivoire & its offices in Côte d’Ivoire.

Go Africa is pleased to announce establishment of Go Africa Côte d’Ivoire & its offices Côte d’Ivoire.

We are pleased to announce the formation of Go Africa Côte d’Ivoire under the leadership and stewardship of Mr. Losseni Kone.

Mr. Kone is a native of Africa Côte d’Ivoire and has been in the commodities industry for over 20 years.

We are confident that Mr. Kone will allow Go Africa to achieve new heights in industry given Côte d’Ivoire dominance of the production of Cashew and Cocoa in the world markets.

We are looking forward to great developments from Go Africa Côte d’Ivoire!

  • Corporate Office: (French)  Centre D’affaire  Plateau Avenue CROZET Immeuble XL Plateau 6ème & 7 ème  étage 01BP 2785 Abidjan- Côte d’Ivoire Phone  +225 20 30 76 14  Fax: +225 20 30 76 49 Regus Phone: +225 20 30 76 00 email:
  • Corporate Office  (English) Abidjan, XL Plateau Address: Corner of Dr. Crozet Street and Boulevard de la Republique XL Building, 6th and 7th Floors, Côte d’Ivoire  Phone  +225 20 30 76 14  Fax: +225 20 30 76 49 Regus Phone: +225 20 30 76 00 email:
  • Admin Office: 94 BP 11294 Abidjan CI

About Mr. Kone – President of Go Africa Côte d’Ivoire

  • Responsible for developing and expanding the company’s  customer and operations base. Experienced in the production, processing and selling of cashew nuts in a variety of preparations, sizes and grades.
  • Extensive experience in the cacao & Cashew marketplace (Buyers & Sellers)
  • Senior level and long term relationships with the government and trade officials of Cote d’Ivoire
  • Accomplished professional with US and International experience, working for Big 4 Firms such as KPMG and Ernst & Young.
  • Educated in the US and Europe. Masters Degree in Economics
  • Fluent in English, French and German

Go Africa & Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana) Announce extended MOU & Partnership for Agricultural Innovation

We are pleased to announce an extended MOU and partnership between Go Africa Global and Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited (Ghana). this Collaborative partnership will allow us to bring current commodities and new and innovative products and solutions to Ghana and world Markets.

This partnership demonstrates the potential of full market collaboration for agricultural solutions for Africa and the world markets.

About Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited:

Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited was registered and incorporated under the Companies Act, 1963 (Act 179) as a Limited Liability Company in May, 2016, with the Registrar Generals Department as an Agro Chemical and Fertilizer Distribution Company. The company is registered under the Plants and Protection Regulatory Services Division under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture as a Fertilizer Distributor.


The company have formed strong partnerships with the global market leaders in Fertilizer and Agro Chemical operating in Ghana as the company specializes in Fertilizers and Agro Chemicals and have an extended national network serving most of the recognized participants in the industry.

Steered by a vibrant management team, the company has been well placed to attain a viable competitive advantage towards accomplishing its goals. This is supported by the appropriate organization of good business control and risk management practices.


The company have been well placed to attain a viable competitive advantage toward accomplishing its goals…



  • To be renowned as the best Agro Chemical and Fertilizer Distributor in Ghana and beyond through quality and
  • To be the leading fertilizer and agro chemical distributor in our operational areas guaranteeing value for money as measured by our partners and the society at



  • To create economic value for all our partners via quality and innovation through Agriculture
  • To be accountable partners regarding safety and environmental impact of all our operations and services
  • To operate the company on a viable financial foundation of commercial growth






The company believes that their first responsibility is to have high quality and market priced products. The company will constantly strive to reduce its costs to maintain reasonable prices. Therefore, the business will be driven by the following core values:

  • Excellence
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Trustworthy
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork



  • Products

With a portfolio of several Fertilizers such as NPK, Nitrogen, 15/15 and other Agro chemical products such as Glyphosate, Paraquart and Insecticides, Fungucides.


·       Retailers/Distributors

With over 12 retailers and distributors located in Northern Ghana , we are just at the door step of every farmer.


·       Suppliers

We work with a wide range of suppliers and with the best brands in the Fertilizer and Agro Chemical industry in Ghana and currently exploring strategic partnership in Europe, China amongst others.



Glorious Agro Chemicals and Fertilizer Limited has a very energetic workforce that we like to denote to as our forte. One of our key goals is to recruit, retain and reward a high- performance personnel.Our personnel are managed and organized by a group of highly competent management team with several years of experience in the fertilizer and agro chemical industry, giving our company a high competitive edge over our competitors in terms of productivity and service delivery to our shareholders and clients respectively.

Putting in place a competent system for retrieving key skills and experience to ensure that our personnel and consultants have substantial and pertinent experience regarding the job they are consigned.


Management is also committed to achieving the entire business targets been set. This is inspired by the increased commitment of the visionary leadership of the Chief Executive Officer to promote opportunities and achieving results employing the best of human and material resource in a way that ensures cost effectiveness and profitability. Strong systems and structures for accountability and management will be built to make the business highly sustainable.



  • Go Africa Global LLC
  • Go Africa LLC (Ghana)
  • Association of Ghana Industries (AGI)
  • IWAD Ghana Limited
  • Wienco Ghana Limited
  • Northern Development Authority (SADA)
  • ETG Agro
  • RMG Ghana Limited
  • Wienco Ghana Limited
  • Sidalco Lmited
  • Yara Ghana Limited
  • Ministry of Food and Agriculture

We welcome Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju to the Go Africa Team!

We are pleased to welcome Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju to the Go Africa team.

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju will serve as Advisory Board member, with a focus on the  Agricultural sphere (farming, processing and processing)  for Nigeria and global markets.

About Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is an entrepreneur with a drive for Private Sector Development. He is into plantation farming, food processing and consultancy. He owns a number of medium-sized commercial farms in Ogun and Oyo State.

The company also owns the 2450 hectares San Jose (cashew & cassava farm) Nig Ltd and he is the initiator of the GreenHills Farmstead project (a project that supports and establishes over 1500 farm owners in Nigeria).

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is the co-founder of Onalar Farms. His quick adeptness was a product of dynamic and vast wealth of experience from Finance, Tech and agribusiness sectors.

Mr. Osifeso Olanrewaju is the Managing Director /CEO of Dhabi Gari Energy, an oil servicing and trading firm